Can Anyone Beat The Brooklyn Nets? | Through The Wire Podcast
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  • chenzo mutumbo
    chenzo mutumbo


  • Ferdie Millan
    Ferdie Millan

    Yes, the bucks lol

  • Bonehead

    the milwaukee bucks

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot


  • Jonathan Pichler
    Jonathan Pichler

    this didnt age well lol

  • Sweet sadie
    Sweet sadie

    Gotta luv the bandwagon

  • LJ Chibueze
    LJ Chibueze

    P, yo head look like a p-nut bruh lol 😂. You ain’t got no waves 😂💀

  • LJ Chibueze
    LJ Chibueze

    Pierre, chill out with PG bruh lol. He is who he is. He gone need to go off for a 30 or more and get the clippers out the second round for us to get really hyped

  • Hilafu Nour
    Hilafu Nour

    How did Mike become a Lakers fan, Dmills a blazers fan, and P a Knicks fan when all yall from Chicago.

    • DY 11
      DY 11

      I think P said cause his pops, and DMills cause of Aldridge if I remember right

  • bill pap
    bill pap

    This season was a mistake teams don't even get time to practice that's why we have so many injuries

  • James Gathers
    James Gathers

    Donovan Mitchell is on the same level as devin booker I don’t get why Pierre thinks thats disrespectful and what has booker done in his career to not be compare to him

  • Shawn S.
    Shawn S.

    P such a buzzkill sometimes lol “Well I ain’t gonna pick neither if it’s my LIFE” bro just shut up and answer the hypothetical 🤣

  • arnav gulani
    arnav gulani

    Cj for Middleton????? 👀

  • Augie Gvildys
    Augie Gvildys


  • Slime Veto
    Slime Veto

    Playoff Mills Go Crazy shout out to TTW fav pod

  • Young Dr. Suess
    Young Dr. Suess

    Havent watched you guys in a while but damn y'all still not in person together?

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith

    All of these trash trades are terrible. They need another Superstar for Dame.

    • javerious24

      how often do they trade superstars for superstars

  • HangTime Podcast
    HangTime Podcast

    I love watching P and Mike go back and forth. Thats some top tier entertainment 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mason Larimore
    Mason Larimore

    Can’t believe KB talkin bad on the wrigleyville uni’s. Smh

  • Ryan Gorman
    Ryan Gorman

    Regular season MVP means more to player contracts. If you win an MVP, you get maxed out.

  • Devender Singh
    Devender Singh

    The ill step-grandmother modestly concern because crack multivariately attack beside a materialistic fat. terrible, tasty nest

  • Prince Amir
    Prince Amir

    Sit yo $5 ass down before I make change Shout out to Freddie Gibbs

  • Tcrom977

    Pierre the type of dude to get mad at his friends success

  • Stingingbog 2971
    Stingingbog 2971

    As a rockets fan a dream would be we get kawhi and trade them picks for lillard

  • J Greedo
    J Greedo

    As soon as I saw porzingus take that pull up three I knew they were losing the series

  • Xavier Cornell
    Xavier Cornell

    Mike low key look like KJ Allen from last chance u

  • steven o leary
    steven o leary

    Been a fan of Kenny for a while first time listening to this podcast and it’s amazing 👌🏻 Pierre is hilarious had me crying 🤣🤣

  • Erick J
    Erick J

    Manz gotta get RSwill premium cause these ADs is crazy

  • Y0utube Censors Comments
    Y0utube Censors Comments

    RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF ADVERTS 20 fucking adverts? That’s an advert every 3 mins. Unsubbed because you are ruining the show.... first you stopped the in person podcast and ruined the energy and now 20 adds on a 1 hour podcast ??

  • TheReal205leo

    Thru the wiiiiirre

  • Tiko Izzzasu
    Tiko Izzzasu

    Through the wiiiiiiiiiiyah

  • Alexander Dawson
    Alexander Dawson

    hear me out NOP Dame Lillard POR B.I, Zo ( if resign) Jaxon hayes, + 2 Lakers picks and 1 NO pick (all first round)

  • Realsinceday1

    Giannis literally just goes to the paint with his head down and trucks ppl he gets away with MAD CHARGES he’ll hit you with an occasional euro or spin move but outside of that he’s playing football out there

  • Ddogg8888

    Please stop the Lillard getting traded narrative. He ain't going anywhere

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    I’m so mad I have to wait until Saturday to hear P tell me Donovan’s 45 points wasn’t impressive.

  • Nikhil G.
    Nikhil G.

    Dmills the goat for that shirt ♠️

  • Malisic Kran
    Malisic Kran

    Its a lot for CJ

  • Dreylon Madison
    Dreylon Madison

    Mike and P arguing over Mike’s hair 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • charlie olds
    charlie olds

    The wanting sweatshop spectacularly educate because ashtray intrestingly precede beyond a ancient discussion. well-off, coordinated sousaphone

  • ian akin
    ian akin

    Bro I die Everytime P mimic someone shooting the ball😭

  • Devender Singh
    Devender Singh

    The lamentable meteorology annually owe because crowd bioinformatically meddle than a two lead. ruthless, relieved colombia

  • Benji Chasin
    Benji Chasin

    I see D Mills got the famous shirt on 💯

  • Thabang matsepe
    Thabang matsepe

    2 teams that will give brooklyn fits is the hawks and the Suns in my opinion....

  • Jermonte Fenwick
    Jermonte Fenwick


  • GioSports

    D mills >

  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson

    Mike don’t want that 1v1 work. Take all his money


    I listen to the podcast almost everyday even old episodes I just turned 40 years old in May but Mike if you ever show up in the 585 or you want to find the court we can meet in between Rochester New York and where I live at in Chicago I go ahead and get that work one on one 40 years old I'm still putting out this work on the court and if not I know my son will give you that business Tyler's house of highlights check out his RSwill page

  • Goat KD7
    Goat KD7

    We don’t need Harden f u mean we got KD

  • The Block
    The Block

    How is it a trend when it was forced? We don’t all have private barber money lol

  • Claudio Rodriguez
    Claudio Rodriguez

    The telling north basically float because spike notablely start under a addicted forecast. muddled, strong athlete

  • George Gerges
    George Gerges

    Day 2 of asking y’all to talk about Mikal wanting that max....y’all think he deserved it?

  • eagle al-eagle
    eagle al-eagle

    1:04:56 ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • SNRG100

    y’all really be putting like 30 ads throughout the pod now hey? annoying

  • rene trossman
    rene trossman

    I'd be interested to hear the crew's thoughts on the disappearing act by John Collins last night in Game 2 vs PHIL. The dude was INVISIBLE!

  • Ken Jourdan
    Ken Jourdan

    Royce da 6’4 is hilarious

  • Salvador Hernandez
    Salvador Hernandez

    Kawhi got 2 finals mvp Kenny

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas

    Khris Middleton looking like Julius Randle

  • Noah R
    Noah R

    Nobody is stopping Brooklyn. It will probably be Phoenix coming out the west and as good as they are they have nothing to offer the Nets

  • Joey Haverford
    Joey Haverford

    Great episode. This Blazers analysis of their decisions and roster is better than anything the "top network sports shows" offered about that team's elimination

  • Joey Haverford
    Joey Haverford

    My favorite under the radar running joke is Kenny having to explain to everyone that the Lakers have no cap space or trade assets any time someone is available

  • Adom Binns
    Adom Binns

    I can't wait to see how P defends PG after tonight 💀

  • Demar Williams
    Demar Williams

    Pg had an average series against mavs on low efficiency and Pierre talking bout some “ain’t nobody talking about Paul George” like nobody is talking about average

  • Myles Brown
    Myles Brown

    I say a 3 team deal: Knicks, Blazers, Cavs. Send CJ to the Cavs, DG to the Knicks, RJ Barrett to the blazers

  • J'Karree Jefferson
    J'Karree Jefferson

    P talkin bout gary Trent was way too accurately visualized yk?

  • Seth Looney
    Seth Looney

    CJ for Clarke, Winslow, and Allen

  • Between Da Lines NBA Podcast
    Between Da Lines NBA Podcast

    “My waves be Fleet” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mase B 26
    Mase B 26

    Anyone else remember the great khris middleton debate? I think thats one of my favorite old episodes

  • oMendy Yeet
    oMendy Yeet

    Gary Trent > Norman Powell no 🧢

    • dh1time lol
      dh1time lol

      I'm a raptors fan but stop just stop

  • Mase B 26
    Mase B 26

    Dmills brought back the shirt. Also, more importantly Dmills has truly truly improved in his analysis over the years, and I'm very proud of him.

    • Dave King
      Dave King

      Wtf it means I'm been tryna guess it

  • Camden Patel
    Camden Patel

    Pierre got some saying he say every episode like “head and shoulders above” and “whole heartedly”

  • Joe Sutton
    Joe Sutton

    I miss jamal...

  • Between Da Lines NBA Podcast
    Between Da Lines NBA Podcast

    I pray to got that Ben Simmons and Damian lillard trade go down 💯 so niggas can finally build with Ben 💯

  • Josh Moreau
    Josh Moreau

    How’s does Pierre keep that jersey behind him up?

  • Between Da Lines NBA Podcast
    Between Da Lines NBA Podcast

    I can’t wait till we get a suns vs clippers series 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • ShaiForMvp

    Damn y'all went crazy on the ads today

  • Josh Moreau
    Josh Moreau

    DMills laughing at KB interview Zach Collins killed me😂

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    Blake Griffin scammed the Pistons.

    • bill pap
      bill pap

      The bootleg pistons who cares good for him

  • fightnight14

    Clippers might have a chance otherwise the Nets would just stomp everybody

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    Bucks came last night with no sense of urgency.

  • Fatass

    Brooklyn holding the Bucks to 86 points is scary man🥶

  • edbea2

    Of course they can! This is basketball. Can The Nets stay healthy throughout the playoffs?

  • Ben Kerrivan
    Ben Kerrivan

    Crazy that they grew up in Chicago at the same time as lil durk, king von, chief keef etc

    • Ben Kerrivan
      Ben Kerrivan

      @chris everything I said made sense so idk what’s confusing you

    • chris

      lmao what 😂

  • Cainzey28

    Day 5 of asking them to put it on Spotify

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez

    I do remember P saying bridges was the 3rd option over ayton towards the beginning of the season

  • Aizik 2002
    Aizik 2002

    Still disrespecting the jazz smh

  • Paddy McNicholl
    Paddy McNicholl

    Update the Spotify….

  • BThreatTV

    Michael Potter Jr >>>> The Greek Weak

  • Christian Kin
    Christian Kin

    I think the Trailblazers should pull a OKC. Give away Cj Dame Powell and Maybe Nurkic for young players and picks. Let Nurkic/ Simmons and other young players get pt😭. Nurkic gon mess around and avg 20 12 and 5 as the first option 😂 but shoot 42% as a 7ft big🥶

  • Scott Doherty
    Scott Doherty

    my buddy from Brooklyn doesn't watch sports, I told him to buy a nets shirt and get ready for a parade

  • Giannis Giannakidis
    Giannis Giannakidis

    19:14 1:12:50

  • Destined

    Mike “damn near” Heard

  • ABEmeetsWRLD

    I was in the crowd for game 1 place was electric especially the and 1 three for booker

  • jack lee
    jack lee

    Giannis should spend the next few days watching prime Lebron highlights from the Cavs and Heat days. The nets have no one big enough or strong enough to stand in the way of Giannis. Every possession should involve a Giannis drive to the basket. Obviously Lebron is one of the all time greats so its hard to replicate, but all his signature performances have involved him just barreling to the rim and no one can stop him throughout the 48 minutes. Giannis should take some inspiration from that and be relentless with his attack

  • Scoofaroo Buckacount
    Scoofaroo Buckacount

    P just goes at Darrick and Mike for an hour straight and it makes my day

  • Richard Hudspeth
    Richard Hudspeth

    Blow yo nose fam

  • Edwin Alvarado
    Edwin Alvarado

    I swear P just like arguing with Mike lmaoo, tryna tell him how slow his hair grows lol

    • Z V
      Z V

      That’s how they be😂😂😂 this makes the podcast more entertaining

  • ///Mmmmm

    The most stacked team ever to play in the NBA. How proud would you be to win a championship knowing you stacked a team so hard? It’s like going to play a pickup game in middle school, and one team is fast, strong, and tall, and the other slow, weak, and short. How much of a badass would you feel like if you were on the stacked team and beat them? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t feel like I accomplished much of anything...

  • Sebastian Board
    Sebastian Board

    Bro where is the Spotify version 😭

  • xx12vortex12xx

    DMills mic is very low in this game

  • Matthew Brandon Byrne
    Matthew Brandon Byrne

    P if you got a crush on Paul George just say so

767 хиљ.