Devin Booker Postgame Interview - Game 2 - Nuggets vs Suns | 2021 NBA Playoffs
Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 2 Highlights | June 9, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs



  • The Scope
    The Scope

    This dude's a Buster I don't dig on him

  • Beavis The blazer
    Beavis The blazer

    Who has a smaller forehead, devin Booker or Anthony davis?

  • DJ

    Devin the dude

  • Manuel Santiago
    Manuel Santiago

    Devin Daddy


    Without Jamal Murray they cant beat suns flat out truth


      Exact No pressure on PG Two depleted teams they will beat

  • Kiprop

    Suns management finally did right by this man. Would be awesome if his 1st playoff run ended with a chip...he

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Push through y’all tough times don’t last your time to shine is right around the corner patience is key God is with you

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Keep your head up yal stay strong it gets better remember it’s not how you start the race it’s how you finish pull through God is with you

  • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
    Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

    Trust in Jesus he will get you through the storm

  • Joseph J
    Joseph J

    BeLegendary 🐍

  • Ross Shtayyeh
    Ross Shtayyeh

    "There wasn't anything struturrer...structulerrer..structual"remedial ass dude..see..that's what happens u concentrate so hard on trying to make your voice deeper than it is. It's either that or his special Olympics shaped head that make him so unlikeable...probably mostly because he's a sun..

    • Ross Shtayyeh
      Ross Shtayyeh

      @Damien Outlaw lol...I'm crushing on book? Sorry bud...I cant root for anyone else...its against my fanhood

    • Damien Outlaw
      Damien Outlaw

      @Ross Shtayyeh no such things as basketball gods, injuries are a part of the game. Just root for us, at this point you know you want to. You’re watching booker interviews

    • Damien Outlaw
      Damien Outlaw

      @Ross Shtayyeh Paul does so much more than score for us. He’s our leader, he communicates & directs almost everything we do. Without him we were lost & looked shell shocked. Ad is ad but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that we were missing a star on our team. Game one must’ve been a fluke? We beat y’all healthy on healthy(mostly). & even before ad got hurt we were winning that game but you HAVE to stick to that narrative because you guys lost, I get it. Not the fact that your surrounding players were terrible

    • Ross Shtayyeh
      Ross Shtayyeh

      Yall better thank the basketball gods..lakers without davis and denver without murray...what a gift..

    • Ross Shtayyeh
      Ross Shtayyeh

      @Damien Outlaw're comparing the magnitude of the best defensive player in the league to the 8th or 9th best point guard in the league..Paul's not even the 2and best player on yalls team..he averaged 7 points a killed know godam well that after game 3 and well into game 4 you were sweatin tequila..stop. I trippen or are the nuggets trash as frack...

  • Writer

    Dwayne Rankin always on with Booker 😂

    • Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera
      Jayden Carrera Jayden Carrera

      No cap

  • Randy Walker
    Randy Walker

    Let's go DBook. This man has been there in the rough times and good times. A true Suns player. Congratulations and thank you brother.

  • B DOZA
    B DOZA

    Booker your the next kobe.

    • B DOZA
      B DOZA

      @Ron Miller or close to KB. Just like they said there would never be another MJ but KB came close period. Not knocking KB. Top 5 Goats: MJ, KB, MJohnson, LBird and unfortunately cry baby LB.

    • Ron Miller
      Ron Miller

      @B DOZA No there will never be another Kobe period.

    • B DOZA
      B DOZA

      Give Booker time.

    • Ron Miller
      Ron Miller


  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    Flat out Denver Nuggets have no answer for him , Easy and simple

  • Jean-Franco Jimenez
    Jean-Franco Jimenez

    Why does dbook sound like he’s underwater

  • Quasar

    it will be great to see a first seed vs second seed match up in conference finals

    • Quasar

      @Emanuele Ferrero I mean, we are in playoffs right now and it's a seven game series, adjustments are gonna be made

    • Emanuele Ferrero
      Emanuele Ferrero

      Not really... Suns beat the jazz every single time they met this season.. I’m taking those odds ngl. If we get beat the nuggets and have the jazz I’m hoping we get to the finals this year!

  • david perets
    david perets

    when he was young booker play with a ball on his head during the interview, i remember him says: "there's some challenging question for me? not the usual bla bla" now he become a mature


    1:35 You dont wanna be the one out there not defending , You'll stick out like a sore thump . Campazzo is like , I disagree . Luka ; Me too . LMAO

  • Alfonso Reynoso
    Alfonso Reynoso

    I’m turn into a damn reporter with all these same questions and dumb ass questions i swear sometimes i dont blame them for not really wanting answer

  • Mr Big
    Mr Big

    Knick’s passed on him in 2015 and spider Mitchell in 17 imagine the Knicks with that backcourt

  • Dinero DaDemiGod
    Dinero DaDemiGod

    Shooters on the team except ayton , even ayton out there eating

  • BigDaniel 85
    BigDaniel 85

    Mvp who?

  • lionfan96

    love seeing a team play with heart and effort on both sides of the court. makes them dangerous regardless of who they play. cant letup though.. need 2 more wins before they get to the conference finals and denver is resilient.. feel they got one more push in them.

  • JJ Edwards
    JJ Edwards

    This is why teams need to go all in on rookies right away when no one else is stepping up. He already has no weakness in his game….. an above average playmaker from all the years he was basically their point guard, can beat doubles, play off the ball, post game, mid range game everything is there.

    • B DOZA
      B DOZA

      @JJ Edwards speaking the truth about the NBA.

    • B DOZA
      B DOZA

      I'm calling it Suns are making the finals and winning. CP3 will win his 1st Chip and retire. Suns will become a contender every year becuz DBook is going to be a baby KB. I just wish the Sun's weren't called Phoenix Suns. I wish they were called Arizona Suns. I would be all n on the Sun's even if they r n Pheonix.

    • JJ Edwards
      JJ Edwards

      @brady lebnick that may be a valid point but a lot of rookies aren’t given the chance to develop into a star. Look at Pat Williams on the Bulls. He has everything you want in a superstar type player and will slowly develop each year and may even be a career role player because he’s playing a role. Now look at Luka, Trae. Instantly given the keys and green light and have become top 5 at their respective positions. Kobe said himself that if you come in as a role player you’ll always be a role player, so come Into the league Trying to kill everyone. My favorite Kobe quote was him saying you can practice a move 100 times but if you aren’t getting in game reps it doesn’t mean anything. Players will always benefit from being able to learn and grow from their mistakes as all humans do.

    • brady lebnick
      brady lebnick

      to be fair not every rookie has kobe as their mentor

  • kcassidy90

    Suns making me happy!!!!


      Nuggets have mo Murray Suns in 5-6

  • atenin

    He has no appeal at all! Sun sets soon!

    • John&Maria Tucker
      John&Maria Tucker

      Dudes jumper is pretty appealing...

    • Surprise623er

      Tf that got to do with anything?

    • R Vasquez
      R Vasquez

      @Raymond Chow yea my pimp hand has something for you 👋saassss now shut the hell up boy and speak when spoken to.

    • Magglou 1313
      Magglou 1313

      What??? 🙄

    • Raymond Chow
      Raymond Chow

      @R Vasquez Booker: I got your appeals right here.

  • Rodrii DAmn
    Rodrii DAmn

    Love you dbook, be legendary

    • Gabriel Bongato
      Gabriel Bongato

      and leave the likes at 24 on ur comment for kobe

  • dirt cobain
    dirt cobain

    When your team play so good you can rest for next game midway thru

  • DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    Devin Booker: 18pts, 10reb, 2ast 43%Fg 6-14


    You’re up 2-0 why aren’t you smiling? Shouldn’t you be happy?

    • Surprise623er

      This is how hes always been. I would always say, why is Devin so mad?

    • Addicted to YouTube comments
      Addicted to YouTube comments

      Being up 2-0 is nothing. If he was "happy" I would be concerned

    • Dinero DaDemiGod
      Dinero DaDemiGod

      Up next when lebron leave the league💯

    • Dinero DaDemiGod
      Dinero DaDemiGod

      All moves like Kobe even when he moves off the ball. He deserves to be the heir

    • Dinero DaDemiGod
      Dinero DaDemiGod

      Humble 1 game at a time

  • WHEREisTHEbalance

    this kid is a poor sport always bitching and crying and getting sassy lol

  • aceoutsidedrip _
    aceoutsidedrip _

    look at dbook man so inspirational. cp3 and dbook could potentially surge to the finals this season

    • Chris A
      Chris A

      @Stone Cold Yeah they are firing on all cylinders. Hey if you’re a Philly fan it’s a good time to be alive. A buddy I went to school with out here was born in Philly and flew out last Saturday to catch the 76ers/Hawks game 2 on Sunday. I was so happy for him having a ball out there! 🙌🏽 It’s a good time to be an NBA Fan, I don’t care what any naysayers say.

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold

      @Chris A I'm a Sixers fan but I have to admit the Suns have to be the best team in the play offs right now

    • Chris A
      Chris A

      @Stone Cold if anyone can slay Goliath I like my Suns because they play the right way. 🙌🏽 I believe, I have all season starting with their defensive efforts and now rebounding getting better. 👑

    • Dinero DaDemiGod
      Dinero DaDemiGod

      Hopefully Joel embid can step up or trae young and gang can score crazy numbers

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold

      @Seth C nets still win :(

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
    JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    Devin Booker just signaled the death of the Nuggets with this outfit!

    • Phil.K

      Looking like a sith Lord lol.

    • Anthony Edwards
      Anthony Edwards


  • Abdur Rafi
    Abdur Rafi


  • Jovany Dominguez
    Jovany Dominguez


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