Donovan Mitchell Gets “MVP” Chants, Postgame Interview - Game 1 | 2021 NBA Playoffs
Los Angele Clippers vs Utah Jazz - Full Game 1 Highlights | June 8, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs



  • Tru Religion
    Tru Religion

    I love this nigga

    • Tru Religion
      Tru Religion

      No homo

  • Durkio Crazio
    Durkio Crazio

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  • Ed Bean
    Ed Bean

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  • Matrix Survivor
    Matrix Survivor

    El Latino Donovan?

  • Alpheus Hill
    Alpheus Hill

    Only if people understood Clippers where tired from a long series, let's see that happen again, Clippers ain't weak.

  • David John
    David John

    Everyone gets MVP chants nowadays, not as special as it used to be before

  • Brady Harris
    Brady Harris

    Why are they standing so far apart? Go back to normal living already. Sheesh.

  • Potato

    He should totally get MVP for playoffs. MVP in the chat. MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP

  • Alvaro Montes
    Alvaro Montes

    this guys work ethic is amazing. his improvement every year is just something else..

  • Udonis Haslem✔️
    Udonis Haslem✔️

    Donovan Mitchell should be MVP

  • Cruz Rose
    Cruz Rose

    I love my Lakers but dam these young dude are not messing. Trae young, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker and Luka Doncic 👀😳 The league is in good hands!

  • So Steezy
    So Steezy

    Crazy how he keeps having to prove critics wrong. Not a Jazz fan but this man is a dog 💪🏾💯

  • Devastinator


  • John Elway
    John Elway

    These dumb fans realize Jokic just won the award right

  • JC 0317
    JC 0317

    Jazz garbage save by the refs

  • corngoon

    Do they get to take those shirts home after every game?

  • joseph Agopitac
    joseph Agopitac

    its game1donst matter homecourt its always favored lets see game2 this kind of game are close haha...kawhi will stop mitchel ..

  • Ryan Buckley
    Ryan Buckley

    Chris Brusard really thinks Mitchell isn’t a superstar yet? Chris you just a hater

  • cabdulle farax
    cabdulle farax

    An incredible talent, very humble and down to earth, he is special 45🥶

  • Sze Pin TAN
    Sze Pin TAN

    Damn forgotten Utah had dwyane wade

  • George Superstarmcawsomeville
    George Superstarmcawsomeville

    D-Mitch lookin like a lite version of D-wade out there! great to see!

  • 15


    • S L
      S L

      Yes I'm all good with Dame coming back to Utah

  • Siddhant

    Mitchell is a leader and is made for big stages.

  • SeanyGee [TV]
    SeanyGee [TV]

    True MVP!!!!

    • John Elway
      John Elway

      Ya ok dum fuq

  • DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    Donovan Mitchell: 45pts, 3reb, 5ast 53%Fg 16-30

    • Sincere Greenwood07
      Sincere Greenwood07


  • SidhuTheBarber

    Everybody better stop disrespecting this man, I said it before and I'll say it again; Donovan Mitchell is going to be one of the best players in this decade. Man is like D Wade, but with a better jumpshot!

    • Potato

      @Cameron Drain if you think about it donovan mitchell is 24 years old and d-wade was 37 when he retired. This is only Mitchell's 4th year and he is dang good.

    • Daebak

      @Cameron Drain nah Mitchell is on same level as peak dwade

    • SidhuTheBarber

      @Cameron Drain I think you misunderstood what I’m trying to say brother, Wade is obviously the better player but I’m saying Donovan has potential to surpass him by the end of his career

    • ARSSJ

      @Cameron Drain D Wade was better than Mitchell but I don't know think he's a "way better" scorer than Mitchell chief.

    • Cameron Drain
      Cameron Drain

      Get out here. Dwayne Wade was a way better scorer,passer, rebounder, and defender than him. Wade put up 27 6 6 50%fg in his 3rd year

  • JJ Edwards
    JJ Edwards

    He took over midway - late in the 4th. The problem with Mitchell is the same as every small guard. If a team wants to stop you they can. At some point in this series we will see them selling out to make anyone but Mitchell beat them.

    • JJ Edwards
      JJ Edwards

      @AK92 and I’m telling you it sounds simple but when the role players have to make plays then what? Even in this game the few times they trapped Donovan they weren’t getting anything out of it. It’s coming forsure so we will have to see.

    • JJ Edwards
      JJ Edwards

      @mow mow why do you think Curry “underperforms” every finals? AI? why do you think small guards almost never win championships being the best player? You can stop them….. cut the crap. Trae young is a career what 43% shooter LOL Brad Beal quite literally gets clamped in 4th quarters when doubles come. Kyrie hasn’t done anything without 2 other all-stars….

    • mow mow
      mow mow

      That's cap you cant stop Steph, Kyrie, Mitchell, Trae, Beal, and more you can slow them down. Same with bigger players like kawhi, luka, and more. No one can stop any superstar player if they have a bad it can because defense and theirself. Even when you shutting them down they will get hot at moments and times to save their team like superstars does. No matter what size

    • AK92

      @JJ Edwards not saying it's going to be all of them. But trust me, I've seen a lot of jazz bball and if you focus all of your attention on Mitchell. You'd better pray that those guys all have an off game or it's going to be ugly. Again, way too many weapons to put your focus onto stopping Mitchell. I've seen it happen before.

    • JJ Edwards
      JJ Edwards

      @AK92 this sounds really ignorant ngl. The Mavs did it to Bron in a finals and won…… that Miami team not only had better role players but secondary and third playmakers as well. If you think Bogdan, Conley, Clarkson, and ingles will consistently beat you I don’t know what to tell you but time will tell.

  • Ajwadd Anwarr
    Ajwadd Anwarr

    Jazz Suns is gonna be a hell of a series. The future looks very bright for the league. Kinda sad to think the Lebron Curry era is coming to a close. There are few more years left but it's coming, unfortunately.


      @MR PIMP So?

    • MR PIMP
      MR PIMP

      Utah is full of weirdo Mormons

    • Ritsu Boii
      Ritsu Boii

      I feel old cuz of this shii

    • dantrell95

      Well said. cause either one of them have been in the finals for the past 10 straight years ( 2010-2020 )

  • David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer
    David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer

    Donovan mitchell is taking that next step right in front of us. I Hope he keeps it going he’s fun to watch. ✊🏽

  • Bourne Underdogg
    Bourne Underdogg

    🕸🕷All we ever hear about is Luka this Luka that.......what about Spida Mitchell?🕷🕸

    • Siegel Gaming
      Siegel Gaming

      @ØGMENACE 385 im joking lmao. Luka is very talented and skilled but he never finishes the job its annoying

    • ØGMENACE 385
      ØGMENACE 385

      @Siegel Gaming your kidding right? 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ the bubble Donovan was insanity he played out of his mind. His rookie year he lead his team past the OKC big 3 in Westbrook, melo, and George. And he just went off for 45 in game 1 and brought his team back from as much as a 14 point defect and won the game. Aside from that Luka is a great scorer and finds ways to get a high amount of assists for sure. But Donovan is only 3 assists a game behind Luka on career average and 4.5 rebounds behind on career average to but that’s not even far off in the rebound Column considering Mitchell in 6”1 and doncic is 6”7. All in all I like Luka for sure! But Donovan is just more athletic, explosive, more experienced as far as the NBA goes and has that mental edge. You can see it in his eyes when he plays. He’s just built different.

    • Siegel Gaming
      Siegel Gaming

      He doesnt show up like Luka tbh

    • ØGMENACE 385
      ØGMENACE 385

      Agreed! Spida on another level! More athletic and explosive to!

  • Dennis Rodman
    Dennis Rodman

    Crowd was hype asf

  • Myco Lorgeat
    Myco Lorgeat

    Honestly I’m taking him over Booker, Tatum and Simmons

    • ØGMENACE 385
      ØGMENACE 385

      @cabdulle farax wise minds think alike!

    • cabdulle farax
      cabdulle farax

      @ØGMENACE 385 spoken like a true professor I would have it like that and change nothing from your ranking.

    • ØGMENACE 385
      ØGMENACE 385

      @imabirdhaww yeah it’s scary lol this man still hasn’t even reached his Peak yet!😳 I personally feel between him Tatum and doncic they will be the next big stars in the league! Then you got the second tier guys like booker, Zion, and ja! That’s just my take tho

    • ØGMENACE 385
      ØGMENACE 385

      Anyday! All Simmons got is some flashy passes, defense and a layup lmao and book good but Mitchell on another level mentally. You can see it. Plus he’s just more explosive and athletic.

    • nicolas lesniovski
      nicolas lesniovski

      I'll take Book. Spida still a beast tho.

  • Kufu X
    Kufu X

    He lit it up

  • ShawSwervoo

    Baby Dwayne Wade/Jordan

  • Trey Chatterton
    Trey Chatterton

    The LA chockers return!

  • PimpMyPeon

    Lets go everybody lol. Start the sway comments from one game to next hahaha

  • aizaz

    He will be the best player in this series and that is not even a question PERIOD

    • Adson Melvin G. Cochelane
      Adson Melvin G. Cochelane

      Well... he wasn't, That's for sure

  • J Phx
    J Phx

    Donovan Mitchell is a beast 🔥🔥

  • Brandon

    Jazz in 6, clips suck and kawhi leaving

  • Esoteric Guru
    Esoteric Guru

    Shaq calling him out got him in his bag. Way to accept criticism and no cry.

    • Siddhant

      I feel shaq don't hate him, he didn't used to like steph but that changed as Steph lead the team. I think shaq will praise him, he's oldhead. He only despises Dwight.

  • Nicki C
    Nicki C

    What a great player!

  • King Wani
    King Wani

    Playoff P feelin DANGEROUS🤬 37 min🤫🤫🤫 20 pts😤😤😤 4/17 from the field🥵🥵🥵 3/8 from 3🥶🥶🥶 2 assists😡😡😡

    • 27

      @eLKy 15 4/17 ain’t bad?

    • eLKy 15
      eLKy 15

      His numbers ain't that bad

    • Siddhant

      I was worried at 106 he hit a 3. 109-112 Imma support my boy DMitch. PG had bad game overall.

    • aizaz

      That his normal playoff performance

  • Emmanuel Mbah
    Emmanuel Mbah

    When Jazz were struggling Mitchell decided to put his head down and take over. Like a true leader 💪🏾

    • Potato

      And don't forget goberts clutch block at the end.

  • Zaid Ed ✓
    Zaid Ed ✓

    Goat lebron


    Clarkson is a bucket !

  • CDB94

    Those chants have to give any player CHILLS.

    • dirt cobain
      dirt cobain

      +5 overall

  • DrChang


  • Thomas Jenson
    Thomas Jenson

    He getting those MVP chants for a reason. He’s Easily looking to be the the best player in this series.

    • Adson Melvin G. Cochelane
      Adson Melvin G. Cochelane

      Well... This sure aged well😂😂😂 , clippers in 6

    • John Elway
      John Elway

      He is no mvp

    • Pineapple Bandit
      Pineapple Bandit

      @Parker Ray we aren’t talking leader everybody knows Kawhi is a quiet leader. He is one to lead by example than vocally

    • Parker Ray
      Parker Ray

      @Pineapple Bandit not only better player, better leader than Leonard too. ✌🏼

    • Steve James
      Steve James

      @bruce lau I mean Mitchell had more the pg and kawhi combined sooooo

  • Ben Young
    Ben Young

    This dude is just so studly

    • SamoaVsEverybody_814

      Sus af

  • ToxicGamplays


  • Kokoro M
    Kokoro M

    LESSSSSs GOOOOOOOOOOOO utah suck tho

  • aron tesfay
    aron tesfay


  • Awesome Master
    Awesome Master

    Playoff P getting flashbacks from 2018

    • Blaster Echoes
      Blaster Echoes

      Hes having ptsd over being spanked by his Father Mitchell

    • JayDaGloboii

      Pandemic P