Gio Wise GOES AT IT With REAL Hoopers 🍿
Gio Wise ran into some real hoopers at this park.

(via trey_arland33, gio_wise)

  • Ya boi B
    Ya boi B

    This what he doesn’t post and it’s prolly 99 percent of what happens

  • Fire Ninja
    Fire Ninja

    Bro got locked up 🙅‍♂️

  • Jason Powe
    Jason Powe

    Clamps on HOF

  • F13


  • Juan Camaney
    Juan Camaney

    Gio ain’t good compare to baller like these , gio is just you’re average hooper

  • Roscoe Pretlow IV
    Roscoe Pretlow IV

    I mean... The "real hoopers" were just holding and pushing him. It's hard for active to go anywhere when you are getting hacked.

  • Mustafa Mohamud
    Mustafa Mohamud

    brodie aint goin anywhere all he does is spam dribble

  • Nick Marble
    Nick Marble

    Really?? Who is this Julian Newman?

  • Sensui

    Julian Newman 2.0

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson


  • L oh L
    L oh L

    Who’s the dude guarding him?

  • RapidTulip647

    Man made five points in 1,000 dribbles

  • Dylan Patrick
    Dylan Patrick

    Call this the Julian Newman syndrome

  • Jose H
    Jose H

    I thought hand checking was illegal lol ..jus saying 🤔

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    Isn’t gio the guy that said he was committed to a D1 school 😭 meanwhile he’s getting destroyed by “street hoopers”

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran

    He’s like Stephen Curry if Stephen didn’t know how to ball and was blind and limbless.

  • Built Regular
    Built Regular

    Why did he shoot that? They had a shot clock or something?

  • Built Regular
    Built Regular


  • AJ Vaddi
    AJ Vaddi

    He has talent i'm not gonna deny it yall shouldn't either. Just make a move please it's useless to dribble in place

  • Maurice Lewis
    Maurice Lewis

    Julian Newman ass boy 😂

  • J Lyrontae Brown
    J Lyrontae Brown

    At some point kid gotta realize he garbage. He’s not getting fouled, he’s getting locked up smh

  • James Whoever
    James Whoever

    Dribble 20x and hoist something up -Dirk

  • Richard Roland
    Richard Roland

    Watched through twice and still looking for the real hoopers....

  • MMSports

    Stagnant with small moves = No where to go

  • The L distributor
    The L distributor

    Ngl he was low-key getting fouled

  • 37-0

    Dude was holding onto him like he was a mayo sandwich

  • Jeremiah Stewart
    Jeremiah Stewart

    All that spam dribbling not helping

  • Marcus Middleton
    Marcus Middleton

    That boi need some milk

  • Pablo Torres
    Pablo Torres

    Didn't do nothing

  • Pure chaos
    Pure chaos

    That’s an offensive foul he’s literally pushing off while dribbling

    • Jeremy Martin
      Jeremy Martin

      And the defender is hand checking the entire time

  • Zachary Acton
    Zachary Acton

    he’s like steph except he can’t shoot or dribble

  • Ahmari Divine
    Ahmari Divine

    Every heard of passing the ball

  • Troy Hood
    Troy Hood

    Dude was holding the whole time

  • Fredrick

    Julian Newman: "He stole my whole FLOW"!!

  • Midnight Jazz
    Midnight Jazz

    Gio misses the whole point of the dribbling.

  • Ryan Ingram
    Ryan Ingram

    Fouling tf out of him lmao but he still trash

  • Timothy Sullivan
    Timothy Sullivan

    I mean he’s really short it’s like a 5th grader playing high schoolers it’s not really fair they just check him when he tries to drive

  • Overkill

    This ain’t right man 😆

  • Kenny Green
    Kenny Green

    He playing defense with his hands smh holding the guy every time he’s trying to drive

  • No Name
    No Name


  • Mike Rozhko
    Mike Rozhko

    easiest person to guard. he dribbles in the same spot... and does nothing...

  • Itzz. KC
    Itzz. KC

    😭reminds me when juilian newman went against img

  • Antoine

    I want my 30 seconds back

  • Francis King
    Francis King

    Lmao he got locked up 😂😂😂😂😂😂 and shot an airball 😂😂😂😂🥱🥱🥱

  • Jackson Raisbeck
    Jackson Raisbeck

    Better Title: Gio Wise GOES NOWHERE against the Average Basketball Player 🤦💩

  • Steve Saenz
    Steve Saenz

    This man just spams then bricks!! Just sayin !!

  • Demigod

    He dribbled out of bounds, air balled and got scored on hoh you did him dirty 😂😂

  • Wanyae Crump
    Wanyae Crump

    He dribbles alot but got no crossover or nothing...learn from the professor

  • Wut

    Why you bully me?

  • Ben Womack
    Ben Womack

    Like the great words of Charles “Chuck” Barkley: Dribble Driba Dribble Drib Dribble Dribu Dribble

  • E.C. James
    E.C. James

    Bro what is this 😂

  • Donovan Harrington
    Donovan Harrington

    Gio is awful against real hoopers

  • ReCharredSigh

    Mom, can we have kyrie irving? We have kyrie at home.

    • andreww


  • klimundas1

    Julian newmen is that you?

  • Peter Flores
    Peter Flores

    WTF is this??? Julian # 2, it’s not how many handles you can combo smh, it’s how you use it towards your advantage, this is horrible basketball


    This Guy Has Dribbles But He Ain't goin Nowhere 😂

  • Last Lap God
    Last Lap God

    This video corny as hell

  • David

    Alright I don't like that Gio dude, but these guys were mad hacking him too

  • OG LP
    OG LP

    All offense. This dude is trash. Try working on things other than simple cross over drills bud.

  • Tyrese Haliburton
    Tyrese Haliburton


  • asifjavedcloud

    He needs to learn to change speed and direction with his legs and body more... Fast hands but too static, angle of attack is too predictable, lacking changes of carry speed and angle of attack mainly


    50 dribbles later he's in the exact same spot with a clock shot violation. Little dudes can handle the rock better, but big dudes in the league because all that dribbling matters not if size cancels it out.

  • Noah Risner
    Noah Risner

    Some side to side floating and change if pace he will be blowing by people. Gio has no problem dribbling but he isnt covering any distance yet.

  • Certi

    Imagine doing all those dribble moves just to not go any where 😹

  • Ricardo Masvidal
    Ricardo Masvidal

    Reminds me of playing in high school pe against the kid who's a ball hog and does nothing really

  • Elias Casiano
    Elias Casiano

    Gio isn’t even good, his form is garbage

  • Joseph Duncan
    Joseph Duncan

    Gio has some crazy handles but if he does that in a real game coach is going to reduce mins and he get tired faster

  • Franco Payán
    Franco Payán

    Video should be titled "gio wise, don't know what the sentence pass the ball stands for"

  • Jian Ouyang
    Jian Ouyang

    He's like Kyrie except not at all

    • Sharp4ce

      Each kyrie moveset is done to shift a defender and get somewhere not just a dribble hand coordination drill like gio

  • Raw

    he was fouling him tbh, sometimes ut was good d sometimes he was fouling i dont even like gio wise and i know he just does it for clout but he was legit getting fouled here

    • Raw

      @Will I Am bruh i literally am not liking my own comments i could care less, funny to see you admit it though

    • Will I Am
      Will I Am

      @Raw I meant offensive fouling bc he was pushing off the defender and u know good and well u liking your own comments lmao

    • Raw

      @Will I Am i just watched the short and gio played defense once in it and didnt foul lol and you dont have to like your own comments bro thats weird

    • Will I Am
      Will I Am

      @Raw I like how u just completely ignored how gio was fouling too and Ik the defender was fouling too but it’s streetball and everyone seems to know that except u

    • Raw

      @Will I Am 2 hands on somebody pushing and stopping them from driving is a foul bro you can call it soft all you want but i bet if you were out there youd be calling it lol people love capping and acting hard on the internet

  • The KalanShow
    The KalanShow


  • someasiankid

    bro all this guy doing is stutter stepping

  • Joseph Kuban
    Joseph Kuban

    Straight trash🤦‍♂️


    This is so ass. Don't know how to do a simple hesitation move vs all that dribbling. Somebody teaching him the game all wrong. Then got no iq how you think that was a good shot to take. 🤢🤮

  • Jerome Bettis
    Jerome Bettis

    I never seen him drop somebody with all that dribbling…. Julian Newman 2.0

  • Chris Collazo
    Chris Collazo

    that's the kind of defense that Kobe used to have to play against... but in today's game dude would've had 3 fouls already 😂😂

    • ItzTriMax

      Kobe didn’t go against the defense of regular dudes

  • King Jarred
    King Jarred

    Not justifying for gio cause I generally don’t like him, but maybe it’s just me but that “defense” being played looks more like fouling. I know personally that when you put your hand on their hip to direct them that’s a foul like they deadass shoving him when he drives 😂

  • Moses Cuhh
    Moses Cuhh

    Aight bro , We just gonna ignore that those guys are fouling the shi out of him .😂

    • A P
      A P

      @Caleb Oberhouse it’s a street game i-

    • Moses Cuhh
      Moses Cuhh

      @✞ the tall dude kept a hand on gio the whole time and started pushing him a couple times

    • Caleb Oberhouse
      Caleb Oberhouse

      @OH BEE tru

    • Luka donakick
      Luka donakick

      @Caleb Oberhouse this ain’t a regular game bruh smh

    • Micah Beard
      Micah Beard

      It's park ball what do you expect lol. Dude still staying in front of him for the most part

  • Semi Depressed Celtics Fan
    Semi Depressed Celtics Fan


  • jonathan Bruno
    jonathan Bruno

    So we hand checking

  • an huyv
    an huyv

    Where's the " GO AT IT " at ?

  • VoiD Sparks
    VoiD Sparks

    We all know Gio is trash at basketball. Just watching him play is disgusting


    Lol, who man is this.

  • Whaler Ship
    Whaler Ship

    Gio wise is garbage.

  • ṂaṨḲ ṂuŔĎÄ mσвílє gαmíng
    ṂaṨḲ ṂuŔĎÄ mσвílє gαmíng


  • Vali

    Locked his dumb seizure dribbling ass down


    All these moves and is not going anywhere

  • DocsFuturisticTesla

    He’ll have knee problems when he gets to about 30 with all that shuffling.. wtf is the point of playing if ur not going anywhereeeeeee bro pass the ball scrub

  • Loco Productions
    Loco Productions

    I am not one to be critical of many things, but you cannot put "GOES AT IT" in the title if he is literally not going anywhere when he dribbles.

    • Zavvr

      Thats provably why it was caps

    • RiseN

      I think that's the joke

    • TK KARDS
      TK KARDS


  • Lucas Walker
    Lucas Walker

    The dude was practically hugging Gio. That’s not defense

    • Iconic Props
      Iconic Props

      You have to hug anyone that constantly tries running into you. It is the law.

  • Ah Dexter
    Ah Dexter

    Dude trash... but white boy guardin him looked shaky asab too. Squat down, be athletic, be patient and read the hips

  • Bill Pap.
    Bill Pap.

    I hate these type of players

  • XXX _Monte
    XXX _Monte

    Bro getting clamped doing all that dribbling for nothing

  • Hahahahe

    they hella shading this dude lol they posted this to show they know he’s buns

  • Splashout

    Walmart Julian Newman getting clamped! (I’m just joking lol)

    • Caleb Angell
      Caleb Angell

      Julian Newman is already WalMart Julian Newman, this dude is dollar general Julian Newman.

    • Pure chaos
      Pure chaos

      @Jerome Bettis He a devolved version of Julian

    • Jerome Bettis
      Jerome Bettis

      You not lying tho Julian - 2.0

  • Muneeb Adamo
    Muneeb Adamo

    All that dribbling n no product

  • Skills -
    Skills -

    Lmao looks like Julian Newman

  • Sophisticated Warriors Fan
    Sophisticated Warriors Fan

    Gio be spamming dribble moves 24/7 😭😭

  • The Random guy
    The Random guy

    Flight would've said, I would just stand still and let him dribble

    • KING SAMMY30
      KING SAMMY30

      @Kawhi Leonard flight

    • Kawhi Leonard
      Kawhi Leonard

      @ηρεμία frl

    • Raw

      @Kawhi Leonard obviously gio, flight literally cant make a layup

    • ηρεμία

      @Kawhi Leonard we gotta see that happen

    • Kawhi Leonard
      Kawhi Leonard

      Who would win gio or flight?

  • Christian Wood
    Christian Wood

    Better title: Gio Wise has a seizure while others play basketball

    • Syyn

      I died of laughter reading this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣