High School Senior Prank 😂🤣
High school seniors pull a looseleaf paper prank at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

(via ginaaa.b)

  • DaMarco Waline
    DaMarco Waline

    Number 22 got cracked with a book 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaron Mf Parker
    Aaron Mf Parker

    whre tf did all the paper come from😂

  • CT

    legend says that among one note was a VERYYY important paper....

  • CT

    The janitor doesn't get paid enough for this .....

  • Baller_ 4871
    Baller_ 4871

    my question is who's cleaning this, LMAO, 😂🤣

  • Micah Stewart
    Micah Stewart

    Thank you janitors

  • NPC Voter
    NPC Voter

    How do they even have that much paper in a virtual year

  • Potatosnipez

    This is cool and all, but how is this a prank

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati

    Rich kid problems

  • A pimp named slickback
    A pimp named slickback

    Janitor retiring

  • Kain J
    Kain J

    Waste of paper, trees

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson

    The janitor to the quiet kid: “hey kid, do me a favour & don’t spare me”

  • Dylan Patrick
    Dylan Patrick

    Yea I'm that person at the bottom of the stairs got like about 72 paper cuts

  • Corey Lee
    Corey Lee

    Now that's how you make it rain! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Brandon


  • junior Charles
    junior Charles

    Coincidently this was the janitors last day of work

  • baylor4life

    Janitor punching the air rn

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    POV: *Your wondering why trees get cut down for this* 🧐

  • Udigg?

    Trees watching this like 😑😑

  • Built Regular
    Built Regular

    If I'm the janitor....I'm shootin' up the school.

  • Trey Jay
    Trey Jay

    It was also the janitor's last day of school.

  • SA

    I feel for the janitor😭

  • Chad Rice
    Chad Rice

    Yup no one senior is leaving the building until they clean up the mess 😂😂😂

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson


  • Alan Corp
    Alan Corp

    Everybody gangsta until textbooks, cafeteria food, and the gun that the quiet kid brought to school fall on the ground with it

    • Semi Depressed Celtics Fan
      Semi Depressed Celtics Fan


  • thelast Sith
    thelast Sith

    Was it this a meme page? Save this bullshit for instagram. Only here for nba highlights

  • Jacob Collantes
    Jacob Collantes

    Bruh I finna be scrambling for any notes that I can use as a senior

  • Dunkirito

    As a school janitor, I do no approve of this.

  • mike Panthermike
    mike Panthermike

    Meanwhile. The janitor : tonight's gonna be a good night.

  • joe smoe
    joe smoe

    OK who hacked HOH account lol

  • Omar Farraj
    Omar Farraj

    RIP Janitor

  • BLink2fu

    Paper cuts galore

  • Lightning ovo
    Lightning ovo

    Yo that’s Basha high school I went there and this is actually my senior class papertoss🤣

  • Wakandan Samurai
    Wakandan Samurai


  • K Had
    K Had

    Everybody at my school would of went to jail

  • Nertie baddie
    Nertie baddie

    This video is at least 2 years old, house of highlights really got nothing to post ☠☠

  • Mr. Big Brother
    Mr. Big Brother

    Janitor: who finna clean this up

  • wastedWIFI

    *Greta Thunberg has entered the chat*

  • Adit Roy-Choudhury
    Adit Roy-Choudhury

    That one kid who throws a computer at 0:10

  • HardHittin NB83
    HardHittin NB83

    All lies anyway n school a waste of time ! Won’t find real knowledge in those training camps

  • Joseph Duncan
    Joseph Duncan

    Imagine everyone who participated can't graduate

  • Dylan Wolff
    Dylan Wolff

    This was not a prank this was the last day of school

  • AzureSteel

    This is still a basketball channel right?

  • BBALL killer
    BBALL killer

    Janitor took 1 look at that and quit lol legend has it the principal is still looking for a new janitor

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    Yeah and them papers still falling to this very day

  • LGS Dwade3
    LGS Dwade3

    The janitor quit and went to the trunk of his car to get his AK47...

  • K Brodie
    K Brodie

    Karen started crying when she got hit with the paper

  • Off the boat Santos
    Off the boat Santos

    I know the janitors mad af lol

  • Gangsta Joe Biden
    Gangsta Joe Biden

    This isn’t a prank it’s a hate crime on the janitors

  • Jason 111
    Jason 111

    the janitor gave up

  • Prentiss Martin
    Prentiss Martin


  • hussainteaching

    Its strange how kids in the west are happy to not go to school while poor nations wish they can go to school

  • BlappersBack

    SMH in stead of saving those notes for there future kids an have a memory, u just throw it away… wow

  • Maxi edits
    Maxi edits

    Press F for the janitors

  • Stix

    Someone loves you...❤😎✊ For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. JOHN 3:16

  • Croxbox 52
    Croxbox 52

    That’s a prank?

  • Dwayne Bacon
    Dwayne Bacon

    I can’t even imagine how many paper cuts they had after this.

    • Dwayne Bacon
      Dwayne Bacon

      @jYkEfUn964 yeah that isn’t even a prank and hello

    • jYkEfUn964

      Exactly, it doesn’t seem like a good idea, by the way, hi/

  • Tpark-25

    It’s all fun and games when one of their assignments is in that 😂

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis

    The school janitor better pull up and tell these kids pick all does papers up

  • niall p
    niall p

    i did this by myself weekly in middle school

  • Tehran Hodges
    Tehran Hodges

    Only white kids.

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim

    Hope they clean them up

  • Jeremiah Stewart
    Jeremiah Stewart

    This is a prank?

  • Chase Richter
    Chase Richter

    Shout out to the janitor they just made want to kill themselves

  • Live Love Life
    Live Love Life

    Save the tree's

  • Len panda
    Len panda

    The paper cuts u get standing in the middle of that

  • Dylan Padilla-Castillo
    Dylan Padilla-Castillo

    How they gonna get down the stair now💀 they turned that shii into a slip n slide

  • Trell_Did_It

    It’s fun to make a mess until to you have to clean it up😩

  • UE lillard
    UE lillard

    rip janitor

  • Pk Playz
    Pk Playz

    Holy crap that’s a lot of paper

  • CripticK1ng

    imagine how many paper cuts you'd get just standing there 😰😰😰

    • Archway

      None 😕

  • Omar Zaifulizan
    Omar Zaifulizan

    Remember when this used to be a basketball channel

  • LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals
    LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals

    You’ve been accepted into Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry Harry.

  • Wyeth Purkiss
    Wyeth Purkiss

    School janitor finna quit

    • GUD WILL
      GUD WILL


    • JVIake

      Right I was bout to say that 😂😂

  • isaac

    No trees were harmed during the making of this short clip

  • James

    Imagine doing this anywhere else in the world 😂

    • Mrsamuraij I
      Mrsamuraij I

      In North Korea you would get detained and arrested

  • Tech

    they really ran out of things to post 😂

  • PeterO

    The janitor watching this: 😐

  • TB Reece
    TB Reece

    Rip janitors

  • KawhiLowry-Gaming

    Legend has it that none of them graduated

    • Joseph Duncan
      Joseph Duncan

      Man that would've been tuff


      Super Seniors

    • Mrsamuraij I
      Mrsamuraij I


  • Lord Zuko
    Lord Zuko

    I bet a few people got paper cut from all the paper falling 😂

  • Jayden Kuhon
    Jayden Kuhon

    RIP to the man wearing that #22 shirt in the beginning , that brother gone

    • Jason Allen
      Jason Allen

      @Josepino Rizal he covered his eye, smart move

    • Josepino Rizal
      Josepino Rizal

      He lost his eyes

    • John Lee
      John Lee

      he walked away

  • zuze

    The rest of the school who was the go for another week: 😐

  • Slim Nasty
    Slim Nasty

    How many likes can I get

  • Nathansgotsole P1
    Nathansgotsole P1

    Idk if this really a prank tho I mean these kids just threw paper everywhere 😂

  • Drake From State Farm
    Drake From State Farm

    Dam people weren’t lying when they said house of highlights got nothing to post.

    • Julian _
      Julian _

      They’re like Barstool Sports but for Gen Z zombies

    • 💥 The Moh Slinging Sharpshooter 💥
      💥 The Moh Slinging Sharpshooter 💥


    • Drake From State Farm
      Drake From State Farm

      @Mrsamuraij I 😂😂 you could have just said there not highlights.

    • Mrsamuraij I
      Mrsamuraij I

      @Drake From State Farm stick to music

    • Drake From State Farm
      Drake From State Farm

      @Mrsamuraij I how are these highlights tho?😂😂

  • JeremiahTheGoat yt
    JeremiahTheGoat yt


  • Nathansgotsole P1
    Nathansgotsole P1

    I’d be fucking pissed if I was the janitor that had to pick that up

  • Slims

    Legend has it the papers are still falling

    • Mrsamuraij I
      Mrsamuraij I

      Brady will win 3 more superbowls

  • Dd Avwenagha
    Dd Avwenagha