Inside the NBA Reacts to Nuggets vs Suns Game 2 First Half Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs
Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 2 Highlights | June 9, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs




  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller

    Booker - all business, getting things done and giving notice. No drama, saving it all for the game. 🔥

  • TinnieTa21

    That's an awkward song to start the segment with lol.

  • Cary Case
    Cary Case

    Barkley: It’s a new rule they just put in. Whoever scores the most points wins. Shaq "Oh I know a lot about that rule" Shaq know because I have actual many do you have Barkley?

  • Amber 7
    Amber 7

    I love the crew but shaq needs stop disagreeing with chuck even when he is right. I like sometimes when he messes with him

  • Love @NBA 🏀✅
    Love @NBA 🏀✅

    How awkward will it be for the NETS coaching staff if they meet SUNS in FINALS especially GAMEs in Phoenix 🙉🙉

  • Charlie Omar Hernandez
    Charlie Omar Hernandez

    Sweet technology

  • JeffW.

    Shaq has to be an embarrassment to all his teachers.

  • Aniket Karmkar
    Aniket Karmkar

    I know alot about that rule😂😂😂😂

  • Frankenviews *
    Frankenviews *

    All game long, Cp3 was show boating while teaching Jokic how to run point . Totally upstaged the newly minted MVP.

  • ygbiz_inc

    You can tell Shaq feels bad. Ernie is being a dickhead with the sticky notes

  • Howard Brammer
    Howard Brammer

    Harden better than Chris Paul full stop!

    • JeffW.

      Harden flops, Chris doesn't. If he has to flop he's not better.

  • Idread

    Can Phoenix beat Brooklyn? Will Phoenix beat Utah. Man some good series ahead

  • Joshua Fischer
    Joshua Fischer

    The Suns had 6 men on the court. Denver only ever had 2 (at most).

  • Donal LASTER
    Donal LASTER

    The joker's game is crazy.I've never seen a 5 who can play the 1.🔥🔥🔥

  • Troy Huynh
    Troy Huynh

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  • Malik Samari jones
    Malik Samari jones

    If the nuggets want to stop the suns from blowing them out by 30 points every game, they need to inject the goat JaVale McGee for his defense as the starting big and get that scrub Jokic to come off the bench. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Wavemaker

    I think it's time to replace Shaq in there. His voice is too low that it is difficult to understand him. Plus, he doesn't add anything in the conversation. There are a lot of people who can replace him.

  • Broccoli Fan
    Broccoli Fan

    Yeah, what took so long for these cheerleaders to highlight Booker? There are so many great players in this playoff. There are so many young viewers are watching games and their idle players. Booker was one of them being greatly inspired and motivated by NBA stars when he was a kid. Stop bronbron eeryday on the screen. What bronbron did to inspire youngsters? how to quit? how to whine? how to give up? how to walk out the court without respecting teammates and coaches? how not to keep fighting with teammates until the last second? how not to stick around with teammates until the game is done, even a lost game?

    • carlos

      One playoff series when he was hurt. Talk about the other twelve where he was the most dominant player in every series- win or lose.

  • Jian Guan
    Jian Guan

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  • Sirius Bizniss
    Sirius Bizniss

    “That’s a new rule they just put in, the team that scores the most points win” 😵😅😅😅

  • Ralph Segismundo
    Ralph Segismundo

    I thought Booker’s 70 at the TD Garden was back in 2017? Am I tripp’n ?

    • Flavadave

      Naw ur not tripping

  • Duff Man187
    Duff Man187

    LOOL someone take that button away from Uncle Chuck😂🍻🍺

  • Varun Tyagi
    Varun Tyagi

    Shaq is unfit to be an analyst. Get that joker out of there. Get dwade!!

    • Avery Avery
      Avery Avery

      Bring C Web back! He was great with these guys.

    • bvy wvlf
      bvy wvlf

      D wade is iiight better than Garnett

    • bvy wvlf
      bvy wvlf

      Draymond bro

  • certified bruv
    certified bruv

    Mitchell vs booker is gonna be historic

  • Dax-Romeo Hinkson
    Dax-Romeo Hinkson

    Kenny's knees are gone...

  • christopher brock
    christopher brock

    CP3 is the real MVP not Joker

  • Sneaker Hardy
    Sneaker Hardy

    shaq last year lol

  • B'alam K'inich
    B'alam K'inich

    Barton back is big time, Will is pretty crucial to that depth. With that being said, Suns in 5

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones

    Kobe Miller come on man

    • bvy wvlf
      bvy wvlf

      He was off

  • Darrick Hibbler
    Darrick Hibbler

    Kenny really knows how to make a suit look like trash.

  • One Skill Point
    One Skill Point

    Kenny is at his best when he's doing the board. It's pretty clear to see why teams were considering him for a coaching job.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams

    "The team that's up wins the game.. probably.." 😂

  • Eastside tone 313
    Eastside tone 313

    Gotta love inside the NBA🤣

  • BJ Stockton
    BJ Stockton

    Bruh technology is absolutely insane 🤣🤣🤣 How the hell did Kenny get on that damn video

    • Mali Kali
      Mali Kali

      Magic school serial bus

  • No Compromising
    No Compromising

    Shaq and Chuck need their own show!...remind me of those two Muppets in the opera

  • Akira S
    Akira S

    Wait, being down 10 is better than 20 or 30? I would have never guessed!

  • Lord 2wice
    Lord 2wice

    Well it was fun being a rare fan of my boy Devin Booker now everybody about to be claiming to be a day one fan of his 😂

    • pmonty jaaaymes
      pmonty jaaaymes

      Always a DBook fan. Love the way he reps our Ky bball as well. .

  • Johan Saputra
    Johan Saputra

    Only down 10 pts...oppps.

  • mike Panthermike
    mike Panthermike

    Oh my god suns are gonna lose now after that chuck prediction

    • TTundragrizzly

      No they friggin won't!

  • Damon Jones
    Damon Jones

    So are we going to really say that the Phoenix Suns are better than Damian Lillard in the Portland trail blazers

    • Nicholas Pachirera
      Nicholas Pachirera

      Look at how they are playing, they are good. Dame is a good player but Suns are playing good basketball

    • TTundragrizzly


  • Rs Dhillon
    Rs Dhillon

    "Everybody run from snakes foo"

  • Body Soul Spirit
    Body Soul Spirit

    CP3 is too much my gosh. He a 93 overall bruh

  • Itakei

    4:32 LMAO Shaq tried to again talk about his rings but Ernie cut him off "Oh I know a lot about that rule. Me and Kenny..."

    • ygbiz_inc

      Thank god

    • pipol champ
      pipol champ

      probably why ernie did shaq dirty with the sticky notes LMAO

  • UtoobeIsTrash .
    UtoobeIsTrash .

    No SHAQ, Bookers 70 point game was on 2017, BUT, BUT the NBA utoobe channel did REPOST THE HIGHLIGHTS, THATS what all analyst watch hahah not the GAMES BUT THE NBA HIGHLIGHTS, hahahahaha

  • Arispe Ricardo
    Arispe Ricardo

    Honestly I'd be happy with either jokic or Cp3 getting to the finals

    • mark fish
      mark fish

      all this to be destroyed by nets, cp3 is unlucky

    • Body Soul Spirit
      Body Soul Spirit

      CP3 only lol

  • ChangeIsEasy

    4:29 “It’s a new rule they just put in. Whoever scores the most points wins..” 🤦‍♂️😂This fool.

  • Stew From Brooklyn
    Stew From Brooklyn


  • music gibeon
    music gibeon

    I have $100 on a sweep 🔮

  • HeyWeLookingForSlim

    Kenny you doing alot more than backing down over there buddy

  • Mark Sawyer
    Mark Sawyer

    This series is over. The Nuggets are falling into the same category as the Celtics, Warriors, and Lakers--top stars miss the playoffs and you have zero chance. They should count themselves lucky that they're not in the other category--Heat, Bucks, Mavs, Trailblazers--where the problem isn't injuries, but roster construction. How the Trailblazers lost to this Denver team is one of life's real mysteries...

    • X X
      X X

      @Brandon bates They Lakers need worry about keeping AD healthy which is almost impossible at this point.

    • X X
      X X

      No the Nuggets will probably win next game.

    • Brandon bates
      Brandon bates

      @pmonty jaaaymes you see the ass kicking by these Suns lol Murray ain't changing that.They were able to beat the Blazers with no Murray, the Suns are just better I got them winning the whole thing and I was rooting for the Lakers saying this

    • pmonty jaaaymes
      pmonty jaaaymes

      @Brandon bates idk if they win this series with a healthy Murray. But either way, the Suns are getting clapped next round or the finals.

    • Brandon bates
      Brandon bates

      Nuggets were going to lose this series with or without Murray..Celtics were going to lose with or without Brown they were up and down all season.Lakers are actually better off now they can deal with their shooting problem the other reason they lost and the Suns are really damn good

  • Poke smoke
    Poke smoke

    D-book cold

  • まさみ 井川
    まさみ 井川

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    • Purple Plantain
      Purple Plantain

      i feel like this is a sentence whose words have been turned into their synonyms

    • Jason Griffin
      Jason Griffin

      Very well said sir!

    • AbombOO7


  • Aaron Staten
    Aaron Staten

    Book and Cp3 are so locked in. You can sense how hungry they are for a championship and it’s making their team play harder.

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller

      Love watching these guys play - Booker the new kid on the block, giving notice! 🔥

    • Chris Davis Jr
      Chris Davis Jr

      beating past years Champs RD1 do that

    • B'alam K'inich
      B'alam K'inich

      @HE'S ON FIRE!!!! 2-1 With a healthy Mitchell?

    • Brandon Thomas
      Brandon Thomas

      Well they won’t get one this season long as KD healthy

    • B'alam K'inich
      B'alam K'inich

      @Clinic LBL beef brewing? They've literally fought before lmao. Itll be continued beef not beef brewing theres literally a little Doc on their beef...

  • Craigslist Reply
    Craigslist Reply

    "The team that's up wins the game... probably" - Charles Barkley, 2021

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller

      Unless there's a last minute run as the other team runs out of gas or a surprise 3 in the last 2 seconds like LeBron did on my Warriors. Chuck, you lied to me!

    • bvy wvlf
      bvy wvlf


  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    Denver Nuggets not showing any fight and effort in game 2 tonight .. Jokic is not being aggressive and MPJ still continuing to have offensive struggles

    • Jerome Davis
      Jerome Davis

      @F A R you doing LeBron and all of these other prayers took dozens of games off this year. They weren't tired they're just old and washed. Why do you have to minimize the sun's victory by making these excuses for the other teams but then it doesn't even qualify for the suns as well?

    • Ignacio Sosa
      Ignacio Sosa

      I agree, this guys didn't showing any effort or fight in this game. Playing a slow basketball, cmon man play with confidence, strong, speed! The only who playing with energy was Gordon. Idk man...

    • Zapp Brannigan
      Zapp Brannigan

      @Jerome Davis Every team made the conference finals last season?

    • F A R
      F A R

      @Jerome Davis the suns didn't even make the playoffs last year so they're definitely not gassed

    • Jerome Davis
      Jerome Davis

      @Zapp Brannigan everybody has to deal with that, it doesn't affect those teams more than other teams.

  • Avery8

    What if it’s Suns vs Jazz the crowds would be so loud

    • Clinic LBL
      Clinic LBL

      @Avery8 That's why it's another interesting story for us NBA fans. Can they put their beef aside for the sake of their teams? Will CP3 finally get his comeuppance and beat Rondo to get to his first NBA Finals birth? Will Rondo put a stop to CP3's aspirations of ever getting a chance for a ring? So many stories and that's just between Rondo and CP3...

    • Avery8

      @FabledExoticc he just mad cause that dude called him Chris Paul at footlocker

    • FabledExoticc

      @Avery8 yes, Rondo is known for saying Paul won’t ever get a ring

    • Avery8

      @Clinic LBL don’t they have beef ?

    • Clinic LBL
      Clinic LBL

      Suns vs Jazz = crowd control Suns vs Clippers = On-court control between Rondo and Paul for sure...

  • Ant Wilder
    Ant Wilder

    My clothes is off

  • David Frazier
    David Frazier

    Devin booker has a mamba mentality

    • Arnav Deshpande
      Arnav Deshpande

      @Draymond Green Haha instead we drafted Josh fucking Jackson dammit

    • Draymond Green
      Draymond Green

      @Max Parish imagine if Tatum went to the Suns like he wanted to

    • Thabiti Scott
      Thabiti Scott

      @David Frazier no u

    • Body Soul Spirit
      Body Soul Spirit

      Man you see CP3?!

    • Max Parish
      Max Parish

      Him and Tatum remind me of kobe everytime I watch them😪

  • Goon Train
    Goon Train

    @4:52 hello

  • J Mack
    J Mack

    Devin Booker is special (Stephen A Voice)

    • Louis Givenche
      Louis Givenche

      😂😂 your telling me hes not top five in the playoffs? Which is literally all that matters series 2-0

    • Muse Ahmaed
      Muse Ahmaed

      Not top 5 (Mutombo voice)

  • LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC
    LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC

    I believe Kenny would've averaged over 20 passes a game if he played in this era


    Jokic Gets MVP but not playing like one both games lol, poor nuggets fans can smell the sweep

  • LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC
    LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC

    I hope MPJ good. He was lookin like a future superstar this year

  • Daemon Targaryen
    Daemon Targaryen

    When he got 70 points last year?? Lmao wasn't that like 4 years ago 😂

    • Victor Sanchez
      Victor Sanchez

      I hear a hater lmfao 📓#1

    • Daniel Lopez
      Daniel Lopez

      Shows how much he watches and knows about book and the suns

    • One Skill Point
      One Skill Point

      @Sed Said They basically did. His teammates stopped shooting completely and just ran screens for him the entire time and they chose to not make any adjustments. It was so unremarkable that people sometimes forget that he did it.

    • Sensui

      And Jae Crowder is defending Book that time 😂

    • Sed Said
      Sed Said

      @Gill Okonkwo lol they didn’t let him get it wtf?

  • James Mollo
    James Mollo

    Are these guys pros there missing way to many shots

    • James Mollo
      James Mollo

      @Nikolai Rose Very true

    • Nikolai Rose
      Nikolai Rose

      pros have off days.

  • Harry cray
    Harry cray

    booker > tatum and hes top 10 in the nba

    • Dontaye Daniels
      Dontaye Daniels

      @MoneyBandz book was on Phoenix not even making the playoffs for his whole career 😂😂😂

    • Dontaye Daniels
      Dontaye Daniels

      @MoneyBandz none of his shots are Eazy stop it

    • MoneyBandz

      @Whoosh eye test says you’d rather take booker over tatum and we’ll see who has a better career overtime

    • Whoosh

      @MoneyBandz why say that? Why? You have no statistical evidence for saying that. They play different positions. There is no point in comparing the two rn. You just spew bullshit for new reason.

    • MoneyBandz

      @Whoosh Booker is better then Tatum

  • Satchidanand Radesh
    Satchidanand Radesh

    Shaq said 70 last year , mans tripping

    • bvy wvlf
      bvy wvlf

      Dont do drugs kids

    • Nikolai Rose
      Nikolai Rose

      might be sarcasm. He's just not that good at it on the show. On commercials he is.

  • Mechy Degoat
    Mechy Degoat

    Hehe first

  • Nathan Kim
    Nathan Kim

    suns in 6

    • David

      Sums in 5

    • TTundragrizzly

      Suns in 5

  • Ayo A
    Ayo A


  • VikDarkbomb


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