Inside the NBA Reacts to Nuggets vs Suns Game 2 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs
Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 2 Highlights | June 9, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs



  • Freddrick Bean
    Freddrick Bean

    So nobody going to say anything about Jokic

  • mike bambur
    mike bambur

    Love this show but Charles disappointed me by picking Denver instead of his Suns.This was not even close.

  • Hold L2
    Hold L2

    Chris paul got floor general on 💎

  • Norm Call
    Norm Call

    Wanna see Kyrie get served by cp3

  • Intel-Pick

    Aaron Gordon : All Yall Soft ! I got 6 points! ....but we lost by 21 lmao

  • Dongle Pronk
    Dongle Pronk

    They need to give the MVP before or after the playoffs not during

  • Orange Skittles
    Orange Skittles

    Even though I don't like Chris Paul he show out

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter

    Would like to see CP3 win it all

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    The Suns Team Chemistry is so strong. They can compete with anyone. Netrosexuals who think the Nets steamroll anyone may well find this out soon.

  • Raymond Crisostomo
    Raymond Crisostomo

    As I remember Chris Paul was prevent by Dave Stern Trade to the Lakers. Look at what Lebron doing ever since from Miami to Lakers. Now his asking Damian Lillard to join him to Lakers. Did MJ did that. That's why MJ is the goat he never invited any superstar his team.

  • Giedrius Grudzinskas
    Giedrius Grudzinskas

    Don't sleep on Denver ,but Cp3 ,that move ,Vintage ,New orleans

  • Rick Roybal
    Rick Roybal

    Suns look good. They look unbeatable.BUT, it ain't over til it's over. Don't count your gizzards just yet.

  • Stefan Zlatanović
    Stefan Zlatanović

    I knew MPJ is trash. Such a terrible player. On the start of the season I commented on one of his videos where he was missing and losing balls. And after that lil hot streak he had everyone was on my back telling me I was wrong. He is not a good fit for this team.

  • dumptrucker frmdahollow
    dumptrucker frmdahollow

    Point Gawd

  • Cracc 216
    Cracc 216

    suns winning it all no shot for anywon else

  • Tej S
    Tej S

    Chris Paul aka point god

  • Harmen Greven
    Harmen Greven

    You completely miss CP3 Den did not quit as much as CP3starGeneral gave all the top% 3pt shooters free shots from 3

  • Get Moneyman92
    Get Moneyman92

    The Suns are legit nobody gives them credit because the beating teams without their star players but they been balling all season watch out

  • bb_toaru

    “Whenever the nuggets doin good they blow up my phone, but now they gonna be blowin up some other things” underrated joke 😂

  • Adam Fitz
    Adam Fitz

    the suns are this years heat. Great defense. We got a few new players and it looks like they might come out the west and then lose to the favorite to win that year. No one is beating the nets. NO ONE

  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis

    Nuggets dont have a chance phx is hot and has sky high momentum they just beat the defending champions! (If AD stays healthy LAL wins tho)...nuggets are missing their best scorer and closer! Murray went crazy in the bubble 4 50 pt games in 7 games, utah wins west tho

  • Cosmo Lean
    Cosmo Lean

    They quit because they got their ass kicked by a much superior team.

  • R00n3y7

    Chris Paul has that pull up jumper in the mid range . Almost reminds me of Tony Parker !

  • Jonathan Varley
    Jonathan Varley

    Cmonnnnn when are you gonna start recognizing the suns as legitimate? Saying the lakers lost, now the nuggets are losing. It’s always the other team lost rather than the suns winning.

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee

    They Hate It.

  • henry manahan
    henry manahan

    there's a fly on there: draws arrow to a gizzard.. fly goes undetected lower in the picture

  • ApotheosiZ

    Everybody is thinking that the Lakers are washed, maybe the Suns are just really that good... what if they're the ones that comeout of the West.

  • Ryan Bone
    Ryan Bone

    Inside the nba doing reaction vids now

  • younggarrett93

    shoutout to everybody who sees 3 flies on the gizzards!

  • mystyle2point0

    That 2nd assist from the Joker is beauty

  • Jay

    Chicken gizzards. Shaq the legend. Well said 😂

  • Sydney Robinson
    Sydney Robinson

    I like gizzards!

  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla

    Suns got that fresh cheese, comfortable chairs, and no parking!

  • Derek Croom
    Derek Croom

    The suns are dangerously getting too close to the finals. I am close to changing my finals winner and match up. Suns vs. Nets.

  • Sants602

    How about give the suns some credit. Best defense in the nba rn

  • Spartan Kitten
    Spartan Kitten

    2:14 that is a bad man right there. Icey AF!!!

  • Spartan Kitten
    Spartan Kitten

    Suns in 4 baby!! This is the 1st time I've been proud to be a Suns fan since Nash left! LETS Fing GO!!

  • dong son
    dong son

    If cp3 become a coach, his team will be champ

  • christopher brock
    christopher brock

    CP3 is the true MVP, not Joker

  • DarkLander

    I think this is Paul’s best chance to win a chip. As long as the 76ers or Bucks take care of the Nets

    • Schitts and Giggles
      Schitts and Giggles

      @DarkLander he is playing great! I could care less who wins 🤣🤣🤣

    • DarkLander

      @Schitts and Giggles down 2-3 to Pandemic P

    • Schitts and Giggles
      Schitts and Giggles

      You are sleeping on the Utah Jazz

  • FrenchToastMan

    It's time to go all the way this time CP3!!! 💪

  • MP

    And Steph not the MVP??

  • Moe 2021
    Moe 2021

    chicken nuggets eaten by the suns

  • Caton Bowles
    Caton Bowles

    I’ll give you the nuggets in 24 😂😂

  • Hubert Semeniano
    Hubert Semeniano

    Have any of you guys tried Adobo Gizzards? Because they're fire

  • Par Divus
    Par Divus

    They're missing their other star player lol

  • Brent Carroll
    Brent Carroll

    Nets get ready see you in the Finals

  • Matthew Rose
    Matthew Rose

    Denver will even this series, regardless of how bad they have looked the last 6 quarters ...

  • rCardz

    Oh people say sun's only won because of injuries last series this series if they sweep the nuggets don't want to hear about Jamal Murray jokic is mvp and their most important player Murray isn't a 20 point difference in the game

  • Sunny Darko
    Sunny Darko

    CP3 being worth that money is incredible.

  • KeyDaGoat

    It looks over to me book only had 18 & they won

  • jefferson cristobal
    jefferson cristobal

    i want the Suns to win it all for CP3 i also want the Clips or the Nets to win it all to blow the Lebronsexuals' minds. i want the Jazz to win it all because Lebron count the Jazz out. All teams deserves to win the chip.

  • jefferson cristobal
    jefferson cristobal

    i want Chris Paul vs the other 'Chris Paul' in the West Finals.

  • Amber VanderGrinten
    Amber VanderGrinten

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  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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  • Mario Feč
    Mario Feč


  • Steven Chavira
    Steven Chavira

    CP3 Ballin out no turnovers & 15 assists

  • Jerry Erdmann
    Jerry Erdmann

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  • Reece Williams
    Reece Williams

    Poor Kenny hahaha just keeps trying to get a word in. But no luck

  • gaurav bose
    gaurav bose

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  • Don E
    Don E

    Man if Murray was there CP3 would had to play the bench

  • Darnell Harris
    Darnell Harris

    They were all prolly hungover from the Party Joker thru after winning mvP hahaha

  • Johnny Shami
    Johnny Shami

    CP3 stands for Clutches pointguard 3ver

  • Jackiiechan

    Cp3 real mvp ion care wat nba says

  • Michael Olajuwon
    Michael Olajuwon

    Damn wish Murray was playing would been much more interesting imo

  • Neon Blank
    Neon Blank

    I couldn't locate the fly on the wahsington gizzards

  • PapiJay

    im my opinion once jamal murray went down the season was done for the nuggets no way they make it to the finals without him & his leadership !

  • Jackiiechan

    Jokic is trash I told y’all 🤣

  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan

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  • Veri Gute
    Veri Gute

    How the hell is that your mvp? It was Curry.lmao get the hell out of here with that. Not even showing up in the second round. mvp? no sir no sir

  • Franco Cousins
    Franco Cousins

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  • Giftedx

    I knew when we got CP3 we'd be so much better, but man he took us way farther than I thought we'd go.

  • Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Lee

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  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon

    C P 3 !!?

  • Formula7Driver

    I would never have guessed that Devin Booker is 6' 5", he looks a lot shorter to me, 6' 3" tops

    • Formula7Driver

      @jaee hovaa on NBA's website, his height is listed at: 6'5" (1.96m)

    • jaee hovaa
      jaee hovaa

      He's 6'6

  • Musa Mosia
    Musa Mosia

    Gizzards are nice man BBQ them and pour sour hot sauce damn!!

  • NuggetPlayz 1240
    NuggetPlayz 1240

    Suns 5 game

  • truth teller
    truth teller

    Biden and his son sitting at the dinner table talking about the N word, they are clan members and those voting for and supporting them are racist.

  • John H
    John H

    Kenny: spots a fly Also Kenny: "Yehh that's my job..."

  • Niko Hunt
    Niko Hunt

    So boring without bron !

  • Nik

    They really did pack it in 😂

  • Cornelius Terry
    Cornelius Terry

    U gotta admit Nba live and on point now Diva Bron gone.

  • Paul Namalomba
    Paul Namalomba

    If the Nets didn't exists this would be finally the season that CP3 would win the chip

  • Primeminister66

    We will see what panel says after Nuggets win 2 in Denver

  • Cora Salas
    Cora Salas

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  • Raymond Dizon
    Raymond Dizon


  • Jigga Mah
    Jigga Mah

    Aaron Gordon comments remind me of Kuzma 🤡🤡🤡

  • pucia mateu
    pucia mateu

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  • Curiosity Redpill
    Curiosity Redpill

    They acting like jokic didn’t score points etc dude can’t do it alone

  • CartelPresent

    Too bad the Brooklyn Nets won the 2021 NBA Championship back in January. Its nice to see these scrimmages though.

  • Kindred 1989
    Kindred 1989

    Can't wait for the game 7...

  • Mark Snyder
    Mark Snyder

    Chris Paul should have been the mvp this year!

    • Joe Milo
      Joe Milo

      @Mark Snyder Yes, they don't get past the Lakers, but if you take out Booker they don't get past the Lakers either. I'm just saying that arguably Booker is the best player on that team, so no way Paul can be league's MVP if he's probably not even the MVP of his team. Jokic did the exact same thing with Denver two years ago while averaging better numbers and with a much worse team, where he was clearly the best player on his team and nobody even mentioned him as MVP, but now they mention Paul as MVP, it's ridiculous.

    • Mark Snyder
      Mark Snyder

      @Joe Milo if you take him off the team they don't get by the Lakers! Trust me he's one of the reasons why they're being so successful remain reason!

    • Joe Milo
      Joe Milo

      Of course he shouldn't, he's not even MVP on his team.

  • CHiCo_GuWop _
    CHiCo_GuWop _

    Cp3 the real mvp

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera

    dang im a denver fan but the suns made it look so easy against my mvp.

  • Jay Villa
    Jay Villa

    Maybe the Orlando Magic GM is a bit relieved that they traded Gordon to free some cap space and to get a more valuable piece in their rebuild. Look at Gordon’s performance in the playoffs he doesn’t even have an impact to the team.

  • eric draven
    eric draven

    If the nets wasn't a thing i would say suns 100% are going to win it all.

  • SlaM Ù
    SlaM Ù

    Suns vs nets finals

  • Thony Cortez
    Thony Cortez

    The way i looked at the game, the outside shooting has the advantage becoz the refs are not calling the right calls inside the paint especially when you're driving to the basket.

  • Peter Rubin
    Peter Rubin

    Too bad Murray is not there...

  • Grzelsonable

    Phoenix is the perfect place for CP3. Experienced Superstar that has the „room” to be the leader. He is the floor general. Go Suns!

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