Nikola Jokic Postgame Interview - Game 2 - Nuggets vs Suns | 2021 NBA Playoffs
Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 2 Highlights | June 9, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs



  • Exotic Simplicity
    Exotic Simplicity


  • Stephen Curry ✔️
    Stephen Curry ✔️

    L mvp🤡

  • george s
    george s

    The immortal words of the MVP "My pleasure as always'

  • Noah Linford
    Noah Linford

    They did him dirty with the thumbnail

  • Boycott Boredom
    Boycott Boredom

    "eye wish we kuld make erry shot" LOLO

  • Brock - Kingdoms Hand
    Brock - Kingdoms Hand

    Nicole I mean nikola needs to be a little more aggressive, have a killer mentality and play with urgency or they’ll never win.

    • Reed Windle
      Reed Windle

      Wow you really got him there Brock. 🙄 ::Cringe::

  • FortuneT

    Jokic looks miserable in the thumbnail

  • Yvonne Reeves
    Yvonne Reeves

    I like the him. But steph is the best player in the MBA.

    • Malcom Summers
      Malcom Summers


    • D.J MAMBA
      D.J MAMBA

      stop smoking crack

  • Bruce Powell
    Bruce Powell

    Well, this what happens when a bunch of street ballers who think 'self' matters over team get wacked. these fools think they are entitled to the paycheck and DO quit. It's what these type of players do...hey like LEBRON walking off the court before the game's end and standing around at the end of the last game!!! typical punks

  • Understand Understand
    Understand Understand

    It’s tough for any team missing a max player, so many good players and so much skill shooting that it truly takes a whole team to win in playoffs the media and casual fans love the hero and “carried his team by himself” they love these narratives like they did with raptors and kawhi and Lebron and Cleveland but nobody has ever won by themselves, the game is so fast so full of skill and athleticism. Suns role players are the reason they are up. But really every game comes down to 5-10 possessions even a 25 point loss could be 10 possessions maybe 5 on each end, you have to have as many good shots and defensive possessions as possible and stick with it the whole game.

  • Timothy Chester
    Timothy Chester

    I hope jokic's back is okay for carrying the whole team

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips

    “I wish we could make every shot” 😂😂😂😂😂 didn’t expect that 🤣🤣🤣 but I mean why not

    • hipking23

      😂 😂

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    I’m sorry but Jokic should be upset and pissed , they got blown out for the second straight game and his supporting cast did not rise up to the occasion , MPJ and AG absolutely has to step up , I know MPJ is young but he needs to stop taking stupid ass perimeter shots , get to the foul line and shoot with confidence

  • Rezheen10

    If we make it 2-1, we're definitely back in this and gain momentum. It's one game at a time, let's go Nuggets. That said, Suns play great and deserve to be up 2-0.

  • Philip Kaiser
    Philip Kaiser

    Suns fan here. Much respect, he carried his own, the Nugs let him down and he would never say it even though we all watched it happen. Much admiration for a great player that knows how to act like a pro and take a defeat, that’s why he won’t admit he is a leader, but he is.

    • Regi Treas
      Regi Treas


  • tropickman

    Jokic led all scoring with 24, but remaining 4 starters combined for only 26 pts. They seem nervous & anxious; they've never been here before. Mitchell scored 45 pts in game 1 for Jazz to win by only 3 points! Jazz would've lost if not for Mitchell carrying them! And this was #1 ranked team in NBA. Joker was superb against Blazers, averaging 33 PPG. BUT w/o Murray, he'll have to carry Nuggets even more & score 40 or 50 points in some games. -Jokic has to be ready to play at least 40 minutes in game 3! He should rest more in 1st half. -He has to be more "selfish" & aim for 45 pts., since others are struggling to score! -Jokic has to embrace his size & might & play bully basketball against Suns. Embrace contact. Play tough & intimidating-like! Go through them, not around them. Jump into them. To help, Malone should adjust his strategy and fight Suns with size! Instead of playing Rivers, Morris, Howard, Campazzo play McGee, Cancar & perhaps Najji. Size will help with DREB, OREB, 2nd chance points, shut passing lanes, defense & intimidation.

  • FactsHurtU

    Tldw = It's true guys I'm a fraud MVP, ok gotta go pack my fishing gear, see you MFrs next season joka out! -Jokic

  • emjay 08
    emjay 08

    Regular season mvp okay. Playoffs will exposed the real mvp. Feel sorry for u jokic😔 suns in 5.

    • Soshsworkchannel

      Even Lebron couldn't do anything without AD. Nobody can do it alone.

  • Vaughn Felder
    Vaughn Felder

    down 23 with about 9 minutes left and jokic never went back in the game. C'mon coach, you quit too!

    • Weneed him
      Weneed him

      @FactsHurtU what do you think, thats the nba today, for example we know that kd is unguardable, but instead of trying to figure him out or how to stop him, they always say to themselves, well thats kd

    • FactsHurtU

      No fight. Sixers almost came back game 1 when they had no business doing so, these guys flat out pulled a LeQuit maneuver. Its sad to see teams quit like bucks and Nuggets

  • Acee The Chosen
    Acee The Chosen

    Malone shouldnt have said what he said to the media like that man that’s something you should say in a practice huddle. I feel like Malone is turning his bac on those guys.

    • Owen Sunuwar
      Owen Sunuwar

      what did he say??

    • Ronit Gavaskar
      Ronit Gavaskar

      It’s tough love lol malones done that time and time again. He did that in the playoffs last year against the jazz against the clips against the lakers and even the blazers this year. It’s not new. These guys know how much Malone cares for each of them stop being soft as hell

  • Ilasa Stinson
    Ilasa Stinson

    0:54 I agree🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ but stop passing the ball and score ya teammates not helping

  • Diablo Diabla
    Diablo Diabla

    I dont think jokic likes the fact when mike malone says that stuff I honestly think he lost the locker room

    • Bojan Jonoski
      Bojan Jonoski

      Unlikely, but it would be a nice change

    • Covid-19 is a lie
      Covid-19 is a lie

      Yes you know exactly what's going inside the locker room

    • inohope

      Good, the Best thing that can happen to that team now is to get better coach.

  • zeeonn williamson
    zeeonn williamson

    Dirk is way way way way better than dis guy......

    • Drunkbeach1

      Your a clown


    Jokic trash and only got MVP because of fans votes, but where was the MVP these two losses 🤔😂 You poor fans anticipating either a sweep or second round exit


      @Лексо Саичић Your name explains why you're here in Your feelings over someone else's problems 😂

    • Лексо Саичић
      Лексо Саичић

      I must congratulate you on the most stupid comment I read this week


      @Joaquin Grande Exactly!! but people label him as the joker and think he's Superman

    • Joaquin Grande
      Joaquin Grande

      @HOS HEARTOFSTEEL he does that, but you realize that you need help in the playoffs right?


      @Joaquin Grande Another excuse but the man got what you wanted "MVP" but that's all, second round exit!! plus a real MVP makes others win and play better around him 😂

  • Dadu

    I think jokic has to play at 4 and mcgee at 5... they have to slow down the game and hit them with size.! Ayton has to foul out in order for jokic to dominate. Mcgee can do that

    • Bogdan Jankovic
      Bogdan Jankovic

      @FactsHurtU Jokic did that vs Nurk in the 1st round. 3 times Nurk was fouled out of the game,so he can do it

    • Dadu

      @D.J MAMBA no ones hating on embiid... fact is that he is one in a generation type of player and the most dominant centre , but this year jokic played like a mvp and well deserves it.He literally changed the definition of a modern day Centre.

    • Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice
      Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice

      @D.J MAMBA Embied about to be crying in front is his girl when he get knocked out the playoffs.

    • D.J MAMBA
      D.J MAMBA

      keep hating on embiid. Everything jokic does he is like an angel poor joking but embiid a center who knows how to draw fouls because he gets hacked all the time and make 85 to 90% of them is a bad thing? Since when does getting to the free throw line for a center bad? This generation is dumb af

    • Dadu

      @Rezheen10 thats what , why play at a pace set by the suns. Nuggets are forcing shots playing at that pace

  • rareDATSUN

    Jokic just needs to play more down low.. attack get ayton in foul trouble and destroy paint... great finisher.. Aaron needs to step it up.. and MPJ needs to get locked in and knock down shots when needed badly... and role players put a bit more effort..

  • William PPL
    William PPL

    They went past first round without JM, it wont be easy to win against Suns without the full roster! Even IF they win against the Suns, they will lose against whoever they play in the conference finals

  • atenin

    He has no appeal at all!

    • FactsHurtU

      He looks sad to me but its the first time I see his interview. Guess he always looks like that? because I seen his MVP tnt clip and he was looking similar there too

    • PartizanBgd011

      Like he gives a sh.t what you think. 🤣🤣🤣

  • blazephilly215

    The mvp about about to get swept out the 2 second round, what joke is his new name 😆😆😆Joel ebiid the real mvp lets see who gets trigger first 😆😆😆

    • Novak Delija
      Novak Delija

      @PartizanBgd011 Ma pusti kretena. Šta on zna.

    • Drunkbeach1

      @PartizanBgd011 🤣🤣🤣🤣💪💪💪

    • PartizanBgd011

      You're laughing at a a guy who won MVP, real smart. Now chek your bank accoint balance and continue to laugh, I dare you.

  • Jim Knows
    Jim Knows

    Poor jock itch.

    • Reed Windle
      Reed Windle

      Oofff this is awful. 😳 Might be worse than the guy who called him "Nicole". I bet you think you're the funny one out of your group of friends too. 🤦‍♂️

    • Acee The Chosen
      Acee The Chosen


  • Aaron Pelicans
    Aaron Pelicans

    Joker Lowkey mad

    • Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice
      Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice

      Good I’d be pissed 2 getting blown out twice. I have a weird feeling the Bucks and nuggets series are going to turn around.

  • Terence Winters
    Terence Winters

    The pace is being determined by suns defensive aggression. Better team chemistry.

  • Diego M
    Diego M

    McGee needs to play more!!

    • Victor Sanchez
      Victor Sanchez

      Mcgee coming to phx next yr ...

  • Tomi Zivaljevic
    Tomi Zivaljevic

    Facu rivers are bench players mpj is looking like a lost boy playing against men hes been poor morris has been choking last 2 games and milsap should not be playing hes just a high 5 guy no one else is stepping up gordan has also been poor .

  • DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    Nikola Jokic: 24pts, 13reb, 6ast 53%Fg 9-17


      @Stephen Curry ✔️ Sucks he can't stay healthy. He will never win an MVP at this rate given the historical precedent regarding actually playing more than 75 percent of the games or not coming in 1000 minutes short of the other candidate.

    • David Lawlor
      David Lawlor

      This really does put it in perspective…

    • Stephen Curry ✔️
      Stephen Curry ✔️

      @Kenan Jusic Embiid deserved it more Than the bum jokic

    • MordechaiGMC

      @Kyrie Mitchell Misses 25 percent of season. It's a difference.

    • Kenan Jusic
      Kenan Jusic

      @Kyrie Mitchell sucks how Jokic won mvp over embiid, second allnba last year, and allnba first over him 2 years ago... Jokic been on top

  • brett robbins
    brett robbins

    Some questions are like. Hey Jokic throughout the game the cameras tracked you drank 8 small cups of water and sipped two mini gatorades without finishing them. Next game do you think finishing your beverages will push you through to the finals and possibly win back to back mvps?

    • Covid-19 is a lie
      Covid-19 is a lie


    • bruce lau
      bruce lau

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀 flat out this is what I would be thinking too

    • Lil Kobe
      Lil Kobe

      Lmaoo this funny asl🤣🤣

  • Living -living
    Living -living

    Is this your mvp

    • PartizanBgd011

      Absolutely, now go watch Harlem Globe Trotters and get entertained.

  • chris

    his back's gotta be hurting rn

  • Ballinsince 92
    Ballinsince 92

    Listening To him I mean this is a short series max 5 games it’s a maybe Denver can win 1 game

  • 6Bird Gang9
    6Bird Gang9

    I like tht last question

  • Uneek One
    Uneek One

    Wow too bad Murray is hurt, poor joker 🃏 is getting no help

    • FactsHurtU

      Plenty of people have had no help. For various reasons. Don't expect pity just because.

  • JustinR20

    it sucks as a nuggets fan knowing that the nuggets really beat themselves the last two games. obviously the suns are a good team but we are literally just missing wide open shots, missing free throws, playing absolutely no defense. we can win this series if we focus

    • bruce lau
      bruce lau

      Real nuggets fans know they can bounce back big time , and the nuggets needs to understand that , Friday is a must win game

    • Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice
      Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice

      @FactsHurtU he does try to get bigs in foul trouble. The damn refs won’t call the foul. What are you watching

    • FactsHurtU

      @Marko Curcic Not with the level of quit they showed in two games. Had they fought back at least in one game maybe

    • FactsHurtU

      If, if ,if. if Jokic was a dominant defender, he isn't. If he could get other big men in foul trouble, making it easier for his own guys to attack the basket as a result. IF

    • Marko Curcic
      Marko Curcic

      Nuggets in 7. Easy.

  • Elton Iceberg
    Elton Iceberg


  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    Campazzo and Rivers (their starting pg’s) combined for just 9 points.... The joker has a reason to be frustrated


      @Anthony Edwards He had a great quarter.


      @Anthony Edwards He got hot for one quarter

    • Anthony Edwards
      Anthony Edwards

      @Andrey he was good against Portland

    • World of Soccer
      World of Soccer

      @Andrey yep

    • Andrey

      Rivers sucks

  • Joel Embiid Owns Jokic
    Joel Embiid Owns Jokic

    Mickey mouse mvp

    • PartizanBgd011

      Oh look, it's Professor Glass. Go make your free throws and pray to God you don't lose to Atlanta.

    • Thomas Wood
      Thomas Wood

      Jokic not finna fall 30 times a game 4 foul calls like embiid but ok

    • Jake You
      Jake You

      😭😭 he has no help

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    This reporter was asking some interesting questions 🤔

  • Anthony Velasquez
    Anthony Velasquez

    How lucky are the Fraudulent Suns only playing injured teams and a they play dirty Nuggets in 6!

    • PartizanBgd011

      Dirty Nuggets? If anything here is dirty, it's right under your nails.

    • Victor Sanchez
      Victor Sanchez

      @Anthony Velasquez suns in 5 .. U jst a hater...

    • Victor Sanchez
      Victor Sanchez

      Jst anoder hater ... Suns alwAys had a good medical staff ... Sorry u team dnt care about there players..

    • Victor Cardiel
      Victor Cardiel

      Don't be jelly bro. Just enjoy the show. Lebrona is

    • Anthony Velasquez
      Anthony Velasquez

      @MMartins the sad truth is all this doesn’t matter Nets winning the whole thing anyways 😔

  • JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
    JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    Get that MVP some help

    • Abdi Yusuf
      Abdi Yusuf

      @D.J MAMBA this what the league is turning into. You can’t win without at least two stars

    • D.J MAMBA
      D.J MAMBA

      lol they don't have help? Embiid averaged 31 and 12 rebs last year but without Simmons he got swept and everyone shitted on him but when it's joking let's baby him omg he needs help lmao

    • Abdi Yusuf
      Abdi Yusuf

      They both don’t got help. They should link up and form a duo in a few years

    • Acee The Chosen
      Acee The Chosen


  • Dawson Eccles
    Dawson Eccles

    MPJ and AG need to step up

    • bruce lau
      bruce lau

      @Rezheen10 they both legit got exposed under pressure , and that’s the truth ..

    • Jr Gaming
      Jr Gaming

      @Rezheen10 I had whoever winning the suns and Lakers series winning the west and thankfully it’s my suns

    • Mero Nakhl
      Mero Nakhl

      Both are trash and got exposed under pressure!

    • Rezheen10

      AG is trying and has stepped up. MPJ's bad back and Monte Morris not playing well are killing us. I just think the Suns are playing on another level than our previous opponent Blazers.

    • Jr Gaming
      Jr Gaming

      Mpj is dealing with a bad back they need to rest him

  • Treyvion Johnson
    Treyvion Johnson

    You won’t pin this

  • TheAnthonyMoore

    Don’t sign Supermax extension with nuggets go to another team maybe the mavs !

    • Lougis

      We missing Murray he will be fine with him

    • Ballinsince 92
      Ballinsince 92

      So he can stretch the floor for luka 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ why it ain’t good for the joker

  • Obvious Troll That Baited You
    Obvious Troll That Baited You

    win a real mvp 🤡

    • KobeWanKanobe

      get a new hobby

  • Cecilio Cole
    Cecilio Cole