Rudy Gobert Wins the 2020-21 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award



  • Reginald Wilson
    Reginald Wilson

    Gobert ain’t no defense player of the year after what I watched game 6 against clippers

  • DerrickKet087

    Shouldn’t have won it to be honest. He’s a one dimensional defensive player.

  • Tony Wong
    Tony Wong

    Didn't defend Donovan Mitchell from catching Covid

  • Juantez Colvin
    Juantez Colvin

    Lol a Joke that Ben Simmons didn’t win

  • poodook

    An awful person but good player, I guess

  • Chase Monson
    Chase Monson

    Gets dunked on 3x a game gets dpoy

  • Deng Madut
    Deng Madut

    @ Rudy asked if anyone has had 15 blocks in an NBA game --> Shaq has @. Better google him Rudy.

  • MalRulesAll

    3 times 🤔🤨🤨

  • AJ Singh
    AJ Singh

    +50% team chemistry

  • Alexis Salva
    Alexis Salva

    2018 - 2019 2019 - 2020 2020 - 2021 Deffensive Player of the year 😱

    • Sharif Brown
      Sharif Brown

      2018, 2019 and 2021

  • Alexis Salva
    Alexis Salva

    2018 - 2019 2019 - 2020 2020 - 2021 Deffensive Player of the year 😱

  • Otterley

    Congrats Rudy !

  • The Midnight Sessions
    The Midnight Sessions

    Joe Ingles again.. nice man he can have a career after basketball

  • kelan cameron
    kelan cameron

    Lebron robbed smh

  • De Mi
    De Mi

    Gobert talking with shaq from SALT lake city XD

  • L L
    L L

    Well deserved

  • kash s
    kash s

    Rudy gives me snake vibes

  • Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
    Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan

    I just sad for Joe, just representing his friends get a award (Clarkson and Gobert). But Joe still happy tho, Amazing Friendly Teammate

  • Doggo

    4-5 times DOPY with how jazz playing rn still posible.

  • Mike Russo
    Mike Russo

    Should've been Simmons... Sixers get robbed again... Its ok... we will be carrying that Larry OBrien trophy while those bitches watch..

  • 1988eaglesfan

    I'm confused. Was Rudy really a better defensive player than Ben Simmons or is this a popularity contest because he's won two straight already???

    • MalRulesAll

      At this point idk cuz tbh I say Paul George deserved it in 2018 and this year I say Ben Simmons deserves it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • TheFastright PTG
    TheFastright PTG

    bruh joe ingles it literally the person who does the speech for Rudy and JC😂

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    The Utah Jazz this year has the best record, Sixth Man of the Year, and DPOY. Man, the future of this team is looking bright ahead.

  • SeanyGee [TV]
    SeanyGee [TV]

    Hey Shaq, that’s karma! Haha

  • 34EPP53

    Only deserves 1

  • C Brown
    C Brown

    Shaq quiet...

  • X Travagancy
    X Travagancy

    Rudy look serious as hell in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • X Travagancy
    X Travagancy

    Bruh this dude is such a defensive prescience that he’s won the award enough times for me to be bored of him winning it… like I can predict it’s gonna be Rudy at the start of the year 😅

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez

    Dude looks like Syrian mafia in the thumbnail.

  • Matrix Survivor
    Matrix Survivor

    Kid Covid

  • charles nelson
    charles nelson

    Wow there gona put this dude on the hall of fame because the lazy dumb media keep giving him dpoy I'm not saying he dont deserve any but 3 in the last 4 smh he couldn't do what ben Simmons did to trae young in game 2

  • M

    5:40 Shaq had 15 blocks. I Alr know he salty Gobert has 3 DPOY and he has none 😂

    • Racsoul Laissez-Faire
      Racsoul Laissez-Faire

      Shaq was lazy in defense

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M

    I like how shaq through Charles under the bus "OBVIOUSLY Charles couldn't play defense" 😂 😂

  • Kshitij Dobriyal
    Kshitij Dobriyal

    Soon rudy will be called as the goat of defence because he have so many mvps lol ...

  • Jamal

    Is Gobert a hall of famer already? Everyone with 3x DPOTY made the hall of fame?

  • VonTheGuru

    The guy that started COVID

  • Aarush Asthana
    Aarush Asthana

    "WHEN" He wins One more he'll be a surefire Hall of Famer

  • Fidel Lopez
    Fidel Lopez

    Loving that set up for Gobert hahah 💯🔥

  • 1bacon man
    1bacon man

    How is Draymond not defensive of the year? I think Draymond has to win next year it next year.

  • Christopher Duncan
    Christopher Duncan

    14pts and 13reb rln (Rudy's like numbers) SHAQ was bitting his lip so hard 200 million and not even for 15 pts a game. UTAH, if yall don't win the thing defense or not one of the worst contracts in NBA history.

  • Z M
    Z M

    Props to Shaq and Rudy for acting professional at least during the award interview despite their differences. He's really showing why he was worth the kind of money the Jazz are giving him.

  • Bangalie Kanu
    Bangalie Kanu

    Sixers are literally getting robbed of every award

  • Phong Tran
    Phong Tran

    Ben Simmons: Imma DPOY

  • Lance.

    Man looking like he just won a Golden globe award

  • Shadow

    I dont know why he's a defensive player of the year ,he's a soft croissant

  • MegaJoshX

    So happy for Rudy! Way to go buddy!!

  • Jonathan Frimerman
    Jonathan Frimerman

    He deserve it especially after last n

  • Red Foreman
    Red Foreman

    France wish they had his defensive skills in the war of 1902

  • Brian Rosa
    Brian Rosa

    God will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies! Psalms 23:5 Shoutout to Rudy keep being great my brother!

  • Dh3

    As a Sixers fan I can’t help but feel we have two players that were robbed of awards they deserved. Embiid was deserving of MVP especially because Jokic is not a two way player in my opinion. Ben Simmons is turning into a generational talent on defense. I’m sure winning the NBA championship will suffice 😎

  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones

    i personally think it should of been ben but rudy was a close second

  • Trakwon Moore
    Trakwon Moore

    Not gone lie I did not know he sounded like that😭😭

  • Somedude626

    Remember when gobert laughed and coughed about Covid and later got Covid

    • Kemmer Palmer
      Kemmer Palmer

      Remember when no one gives a damn about that anymore???

  • Sonny Amaama
    Sonny Amaama

    Great job Rudy!

  • B Stennis
    B Stennis

    Shaq looks upset haha


    Somebody lost 100k on draftkings cuz of that block lol

  • Pensare Films
    Pensare Films

    Simmons robbed

  • Jai

    This is definitely gonna boost his confidence and performance even more now in the playoffs

  • Milin M
    Milin M

    He deserves it! He shutdown the entire league! 0 points scored for multiple months! Amazing!


    Never forget he cried cuz he wasn’t a allstar lol

  • Shrys Music
    Shrys Music

    The last time Rudy was seen on a podium.....😂😂😂😂

  • Emile Constance
    Emile Constance

    Well deserved! A great player and an exceptional person.

  • Christopher Varela
    Christopher Varela

    Gobert might be the most overrated defender ever

  • You’re Down Bad.
    You’re Down Bad.

    Shaq wanna say something toxic so bad but yea Rudy not even like that fr

  • juno max zoey
    juno max zoey

    A very well-deserved award.

  • Jake Noyes
    Jake Noyes

    I wonder if shaq is still gonna make jokes about Rudy’s contract after this

  • dante blackwood
    dante blackwood

    There’s no way in hell this guy should be winning this many dpoy awards 🤔

  • Damian Presha
    Damian Presha

    To actually hate on this man who got 200M in the off-season biting those words now. He won his 3rd defensive player of the year award and possible finals birth they need to show more respect.

  • Orbit X
    Orbit X

    Congrats to the Stifle Tower

  • jxhne.br0


  • Kaden.Kin

    I swear it feel like this dude has won dpoy like 10 times

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards

    Goburt making himself a true somebody 😤

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson

    This is classic already

  • Luciano Martinez
    Luciano Martinez

    Ben was robbed honestly.

  • Brent Angelo
    Brent Angelo

    DPOY and 6th MOY in one team = Championship

  • onestopshop

    Nobody plays defense anymore lol Capela should've got it this year tho his stats were a little better all around than Rudy's on defense & offense.

  • Garrett Martin
    Garrett Martin

    Just figured out now Joe ingles is British. WTF

  • Nick

    Dam the fact he needs one more to be tied for the most DPOY this is crazy like Rudy Gobert actually gonna be a hall of famer 😂


    2:19. DPOY even blocked the innocent ball with no time on the clock.

  • eckles

    What’s up with his eye?

  • YvngGoat

    That block on Marcus Morris solidified this award for him.

  • Lester de los Reyes
    Lester de los Reyes

    If you can shut down the whole league, your DPOY to me 😂

  • YvngGoat

    Respect to Rudy Gobert. 3x defensive player of the year now.

  • Lym Tamayo
    Lym Tamayo

    He should be 4x DPOY! Remember the time when you locked down every player in the league? Just kidding folks

  • DeMario Thompkins
    DeMario Thompkins

    These comments more salty than McDonalds fries

  • asian persuasion
    asian persuasion

    Len Limmons

  • Robert Java
    Robert Java

    Ersan is in the Jazz?

  • Rerollful

    Rudy go bert!

  • Venkata Avula
    Venkata Avula

    Should have been Simmons

  • Hasballah Amru Rahim
    Hasballah Amru Rahim

    looks worth for 205mill price the audacity of shaq throwing some diss to this humble guy is out of mind

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez

    Offense wins games defense wins championships.

  • 47Hundo

    “I take the win” lol good answer 😂

  • Jb Tambis
    Jb Tambis

    Gobert 's voice is so cool...

  • X___dloading____X

    I can already feel the salt of sixers fans


    Well earned, especially after last night’s game saving block!

  • Horus Hyperion
    Horus Hyperion

    When people say he shut down the league , they meant it literally with the mic thing and metaphorically on the court No slander to Rudy though good job

  • The HomieBandit
    The HomieBandit

    There was quite a few people better on defense than gobert

  • Alan Gregory
    Alan Gregory

    rudy superstar goburt!!!!!!!

  • jherald dilao
    jherald dilao

    He sounds like android hahaha

  • Ip Sun
    Ip Sun

    They should lie that Ben got the DPOY and see his reaction