Shaq Beats Kenny in a Race to the Video Board - Inside the NBA | 2021 NBA Playoffs



  • GT_Picasso

    Kenny slow lol

  • Danny Guzman
    Danny Guzman

    As soon as you move i move. Shaq diesel.

  • Jose S
    Jose S

    I love how Kenny keeps making up all these excuses that aren't true, instead of just accepting his L. He's talking about Shaq skipping a step, while you actually see Shaq walk every step smh.

  • Timothy Woods
    Timothy Woods

    3:50 Chuck look like he ready to go home

  • Rare80

    Kenny "The Excuse" Smith

  • jero rosado
    jero rosado

    be carefull shaq if you fall down you won't find those pieces😂

  • Ivan Pearson
    Ivan Pearson

    jokic says pause and gets in trouble shaq says it and its ok LOL

  • Jaime Calderon
    Jaime Calderon

    This show is goated

  • Colin Scanlon
    Colin Scanlon

    “I smacked it first, pause.”

  • PoP

    Kenny will never win any race with this kind of f.. up legs and knees.

  • S. Davis
    S. Davis

    they acting like Shaq won't trip and take out the whole damn board one day

  • BeenThuggen

    Are y’all really gonna upload everytime they race to the board?

  • Gen4John

    Kenny really lost because of height look at their feet

  • Floaty Seagull
    Floaty Seagull

    shaq wingspan is 7'7 thats not fair

  • Allen Charles
    Allen Charles

    Yo I swear that be the best part cause it’s unexpected this right here be having me crying I love this show honestly where would we be without these guys a good and true diversity crowd to love and set standards also examples that’s it doesn’t matter what color you are we can all work together.that also goes for shanon an skip show 💯☮️

  • Thomas Wood
    Thomas Wood

    Kenny makin being in denial his niche lol

  • Alex-Matthew Mcconnell
    Alex-Matthew Mcconnell

    Shar out here winnin races🤣🤣🤣🥇

  • Alberto L
    Alberto L

    Kenny a good sport running with bad knees 🤭

  • Diggo

    Does anyone else think this joke is way too played out?

  • Louis Cherian
    Louis Cherian

    I'm not a Kenny fan, but the show wouldn't be what it is without all four of them together. That being said, Kenny does a really good analysis of the game play most times

  • Maurice Bridges
    Maurice Bridges

    Lmao Kenny always making excuses on why he lost 🤣

  • Maurice Bridges
    Maurice Bridges

    Kenny got bad knees and vision lmao

  • harry muli
    harry muli

    you move, i see it

  • Kim J
    Kim J

    03:48 Jet frustrated af lmao

  • verbal truth gasmask4poop
    verbal truth gasmask4poop

    "My sickers in trouble" lol

  • neosapiens

    Winner: **gets revealed** Shaq: "LET'S GO HOME! LET'S GO HOME, LADIES & GENTLEMEN! **LET'S GO HOME!!!!** "

  • neosapiens

    Ray Jay be like 0:46

  • Flex Slayer
    Flex Slayer

    Shaq said “I smacked it first, pause”🤣🤣

  • WHEREisTHEbalance

    they should do it every day, shaq needs to lose some weight so we can keep him around for a while.

  • Emperfect Family 7
    Emperfect Family 7

    Kenny I’m getting my feet 🦶 on solid ground 🤦🏿‍♂️ Ernie ohh so he’s bigger ..pause no Kenny he started first Kenny hate to lose

  • EdSmith313

    Kenny getting those Run Through the Tape memories after watching that footage.

  • Duff Man187
    Duff Man187

    All these years and Uncle Kenny still won't learn😂🍻🍺

  • hhuang

    didn't realize Jet was such a sore loser!

  • Kylo ren jr 123
    Kylo ren jr 123

    “The Jet” is now becoming more like “The Blimp” 🤣🤣 Excuses, excuses, excuses 🤣🤣

  • JusAjFresh

    Kenny the jet wow. Shaq pretty quick still I'm surprised he got that

  • Merica

    Kenny can’t win in a fair one. He needs to hang em up

  • GoesSound

    This guy Kenny knees need surgery or some 😂

  • Xander Riegle
    Xander Riegle

    I love that they’re laughing from the beginning of the video. They all know the race is coming

  • Jason Carby
    Jason Carby

    Why do they do that ?

  • Pickle Chip
    Pickle Chip

    3:48 it's Chuck's naptime 😂😂😂

  • Zoe Will
    Zoe Will

    Kenny gonna spend the whole off season in the studio practicing his turn and run to the board

  • Стефан

    Poertl than Bonjanovic hahahaha Jesus



  • Kenneth Jose
    Kenneth Jose

    That professional wrestling training gave Shaq +3 speed stat

  • TwerkToSpec

    This bit is 4 years old, they still do it every night?

  • E Cov
    E Cov


  • The Real One
    The Real One

    The competitive spirit never leaves you..😆 🤣

  • Young Ari
    Young Ari

    Poor Kenny left his knees at the desk 😭that’s life bro

  • loveforthe90s

    Im always a little nervous someone is gonna trip one of these days lol

  • Fred Turner
    Fred Turner

    Yea kenny there are cameras everywhere. You lost. Lol

  • Claro A
    Claro A

    Kenny you lost, take the lost like a man! I swear Kenny is the type of dude to hookup with one his best friend’s ex and still act like nothing happened around his friend.

  • StocksGamer

    3:48 charles looks like hes about to fall asleep :D

  • Haks

    “I smacked it first pause” 🤣

  • Samir Ansar
    Samir Ansar

    Run through the tape! - C Webb

  • Siloam King
    Siloam King

    Kenny's runs like his knees are on the wrong legs

  • Michael Callender
    Michael Callender

    Big Shaq got to the board 1st🤓

  • Trollface Killa
    Trollface Killa

    Kenny stacking Ls faster than these players and coaches stacking fines

  • Rob K.
    Rob K.

    Shaq weights 400lbs, you sad Kenny!

  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams

    Kenny run like he got 2 left feet..Knockneeded ass

  • Cornelius Terry
    Cornelius Terry

    Errbody looking like a Gizzard in the studio to Chucc.

  • Cornelius Terry
    Cornelius Terry

    Chuck day dreaming about Buzzards I mean Gizzards....

  • Lorrita xavier
    Lorrita xavier

    The exultant department inadvertently afford because anatomy appropriately shiver onto a madly quilt. unwieldy, rural anthropology

  • Pj Mathison
    Pj Mathison


  • Moescolla

    Kenny needs knee and hip replacements before it’s tooooooo late

  • Leon Maliqi
    Leon Maliqi

    Why do they have this race to the board? How do they know when the race starts?

  • lorenz m
    lorenz m

    first was chuck, then that stupid green and now shaq?! who's next? ernie? kenny, its time.

  • Jay Durant
    Jay Durant

    Those knees..

  • LionsFan82

    Kenny's knees seem to really be getting in the way lately🤣

  • Real Rell
    Real Rell

    Every time I see Kenny run I think of Chris Webber imitating how he runs

  • sam ker
    sam ker

    They really gotta start the replay right after the race , I didn't listen to anything until I saw if Shaq won.

  • Harvey Crewe
    Harvey Crewe

    Kenny getting beat by the whole table. Next step, Don E.J with the dub.

  • Semisi Tuitupou
    Semisi Tuitupou

    I smacked it first pause

  • GamerZay

    Atleast he didn’t quit!

  • Semisi Tuitupou
    Semisi Tuitupou

    Big fella can move!

  • Jimmy Fabian
    Jimmy Fabian

    All of Kenny’s arguments got shut down real quick

  • Justin Archie
    Justin Archie

    Kenny blew out his knee

  • Oz

    Shaq is the best man 😂

  • E1-Hope

    Shaq is literally so tall, when he plays basketball he blocks the ball from entering the hoop with his head. This man is faster than Usain Bolt with those legs, not even the cops could catch him. He needs to sleep on the floor because his feet dangle on the edge of his bed every time he goes to sleep, he needs 3 blankets to cover his entire body. If Shaq is in a rush, he could run out the door and get hit in the head with the doorframe. This man can't even ride a rollercoaster in Six Flags because he's too tall. *it must suck to be 7'1 but fun at the same time*

  • Frank Silva
    Frank Silva

    I knew Kenny was a sad loser back in 2016 ever since he cried all night long just because Trump won.

  • Pocket the Chipmunk
    Pocket the Chipmunk

    3:37 if you don't want to skip through the video looking for what it's supposed to be about

  • Weekend Warrior
    Weekend Warrior

    Every time I see this I think about Shaq getting checked into that Christmas Tree by Kenny.

  • Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo

    Kenny's excuses are like assholes! Everybody's got one and they all stink! 😷

  • Goon Train
    Goon Train

    Lmao that Shaq hustling tweet was brutal


    Why Kenny look like the word shambles when he's running?

  • frosted flake
    frosted flake

    Ernies hand came in straight was winning he looked at shaq and turned his wrist upward ..again Ernie politically correct

  • frosted flake
    frosted flake

    Ernie watched shaq and held up he is just being politically correct ..

  • Travis Robbins
    Travis Robbins

    Kenny a sneaky dude lol tried to play it off like he wasn’t ready at all. He definitely was trying to get the drop on SHAQ and just lost lol

  • Jeremiah Stewart
    Jeremiah Stewart

    They both took off😂

  • Dee Gravelrama
    Dee Gravelrama

    Kenny 0-6 in the playoffs this year lmao!

  • Daniel Diogo
    Daniel Diogo

    RUN THROUGH THE TAPE - Chris Webber

  • DeVon Rogers
    DeVon Rogers

    "I smacked it first, pause"~ Shaq🤣

  • Julio Capeles
    Julio Capeles

    Chris Webber gets another W for this aswell

  • Alaskan Bull Worm
    Alaskan Bull Worm

    Holdat Kenny

  • Donnie Harden Jr
    Donnie Harden Jr

    "I smacked it first....PAUSE!"-Shaq LMAO

  • Thomas Simpson
    Thomas Simpson

    Kenny is kinda an asshole.

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

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  • Keith Norris
    Keith Norris

    Let's all just be happy Kenny knees still work. Won't he do it. Lol

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Kenny is washed

  • MalRulesAll


  • JustEis

    Kenny "the excuse" Smith

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